Thursday, September 07, 2023

Buh-bye Pool; HELLO SCHOOL

 Ah, the bittersweet transition from THIS


Dorothy's dance studio released team placements, so I could finally make a color-coded calendar and figure out what my after-school hours will look like. Coop is already back on the ice and starts diving next week. Jack tried out for a play yesterday. Harry is in the middle of college application season and is looking for a job. Dance starts the week of 9/18 for Dorothy, and Minnie will add a ballet/hip hop class to her swim and gym schedule in October. IT IS ALL HAPPENING.

I took advantage of no activities yesterday (will this ever happen again??) to work a full day at my office. When I packed up my stuff and ventured into the hallway at 4:19, everyone was gone, and the copy/mail room was already locked up. The parking garage was empty, etc. AT FOUR NINETEEN. Because THAT'S a late day. I LOVE MY JOB. (Actually I do have one for-real late night a week in my schedule, but it is an anomaly, clearly).

We are picking out clothes the night before school, filling water bottles, packing lunches and back packs, etc, and it's A LOT. I know we will settle into a routine, and I will stop missing everyone all day long. (Seriously, I HATE when the kids are gone, even though it makes my days a little easier-- it just feels so weird to walk by their empty rooms-- am I a tradwife?)




  1. Aw! All the kids look so excited and happy for a new year of school... May they all have a terrific year. MINNIE!!! It feels too soon and also perfect! (She looks so much like Harry, no?!)

  2. Yay for a new school year! Here's to a wonderful learning experience for each and every one of them!

  3. My 2.5yo niece has the same swim suit as Dorothy's in the first pic. It is SO cute! Happy first day of school to all of your kiddos. I can't believe you have a senior!!! Now that would be more emotional, for me I think, than having a kindergartener! Paul started K today and was SO EXCITED.

    My office actually clears out around 4pm, too - at least in my area. A lot of those people come in at 6:30, though. I get in around 7:45 so have it a bit easier but usually stay a bit later and then I often have to respond to emails after work. But when I was in a different part of the finance industry, it was VERY different and it was all about staying longer even if you weren't working. Like I had to get permission to leave at 5 to go home to study for the CFA when I was in Charlotte, but I came in at 7. At 5 I would look around and a lot of people would be on google, reading the newspaper, etc. It was so dumb.

  4. I cannot FATHOM having that kind of spread in kids ages, but it sounds so fun (and crazy). I love how Minnie goes from not sure about it all to pint-sized goofball. My friend posted a pic of her little girl on the way to JK, her triumphant return, and then her sacked out with the ipad on her knees minutes later.

  5. Happy new school year! I hope it's a good one for the kiddos.