Thursday, September 28, 2023

Random updates and pictures, assorted complaining, etc.

So far, this is a fall of extremes. Like, I cans either drop Dorothy off LATE FOR DANCE CLASS, or I can get her there 30 minutes early. THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND.

Also, we are calling it before October officially arrives. WE ARE READY FOR HALLOWEEN.

Dorothy is dancing on six dance teams this year: 3 hip hop teams, a tap team, a jazz team, and a musical theater team. It really seems like a bit of an overcommittent, but she is so happy when she’s at the studio with her friends, so we are all the way in. Also, nationals are local this year, so I can be the dance mom of my dream and still observe my fear of flying **eye roll**

Harry has gotten in—with merit aid!— to 5/8 of the schools he applied to. He will likely hear from 2 more soon and one on March 31. In delightfully dorky news, his school district is recognizing kids who passed their AP tests last spring with PERSONALIZED YARD SIGNS and a half time embarrassment with their parents at a football game. I CANNOT EVEN WAIT especially since Dorothy and friends are going to be dancing with the poms team at that game (unless she is taking a class with some touring professional dancers in town for Aladdin).
These are the two pictures Minnie insists upon every week— one with her library statue friends and one at Goldfish. INSISTS.

I just could not even with all of the drop offs, etc, the other day (Tuesdays are rough because Ben is gone from early morning until after hockey and everyone else has stuff to do, too), so we went to Noodles, which was SO underwhelming. Blergh. Back to cooking.
We FINALLY made caramel apples, an item on our fall bucket list that is way more fun for the kids than for me

I used to sit at dance class killing time in the lobby with Cooper while Dorothy danced, and now here I am killing time in the lobby with Min. Sometimes during COVID I thought I would never see the inside of this place again, and now here I am basically giving it a mortgage payment every month. NEAT.
We had a ridiculously terrible Wednesday morning this week (I broke the handle off my basic b Stanley tumbler (bought a new one immediately but will also be making a warranty claim). I ran out of time and couldn’t clean up the house at all and came home after work/preschool to a gd disaster that wasted my whole day because I had to use my most productive hours cleaning it up and then was exhausted and why did I think changing our sheets on a WORK DAY was a smart plan. Harry never woke up because he unplugged his alarm accidentally, but we didn’t notice he was missing from family life until the time he and Jack usually leave, so Ben drove Jack but then got stuck in traffic and on and on and on. I ended up working until after 10 Wednesday night to triage the most important things after all the running was done and the little kids were in bed. And I know I could choose work over house, but in the moment, the mess made me too anxious to focus on work and GAH. Nothing makes you realize how little margin exists in your life than screwing up JUST ONE THING, you know?


  1. Oh Sarah, Wednesday sounds dreadful. I am a person who cannot function in clutter and domestic chaos, and that would have 100% put me over the edge. I want to not care if there are dishes in the sink, but I literally cannot move on until the dishes are washed, which makes me feel like a crazed 1950s housewife, but here we are. Also, Wednesday was strange for me as well. I spent so much time helping my husband find paperwork for changing our vehicle's registrations, and it was so frustrating and felt like the whole day just melted away.
    I love caramel apples and if you could share the recipe I would be ever so grateful.
    Six dance groups for Dorothy! And congrats to Harry on all the positive news!

    1. sometimes I wish I could be a person with dishes in the sink because I think maybe those people have more fun on the daily. but no.

  2. "I want to not care if there are dishes in the sink, but I literally cannot move on until the dishes are washed, which makes me feel like a crazed 1950s housewife, but here we are."

    THIS. IS. ME.

    I am finally giving in to this and accepting - despite what all the successful career women tell you - I cannot relax and not care what my house looks like. Tidying and having things under relative order is a necessity for my mental health.

    After I come home from school dropoff, before I log on and start any work, I wander from room to room on our main floor and do a basic tidy of each space. It takes maybe 10 minutes but I find it meditative and after months of forcing myself to jump right into work because That is What Productive People Do, I started letting myself tidy and - surprise! - the house looks better and I'm better able to focus on my work.

    Congrats to Harry! And Minnie is ready for Halloween! I'm so glad Dorthy has found her "thing." We want to embrace the things our kids love and you do that so well in your family. Gold stars.

    1. I try SO HARD to do this tidy BEFORE I leave to run the kids, but it does not always happen

  3. Oof, I'm sorry about Wednesday, although it's kind of funny and sweet to me that you have so many kids one whole-ass human can be missing from a morning and you don't even notice. Also this is the first time I saw Minnie in the Harry photo also CONGRATS HARRY and yay for embarrassing half-time displays.

  4. Ugh, wednesday sounded rough. I do not do well with clutter either, especially kitchen clutter. I can't handle dishes in the sink. This makes me the least fun host because I can't just let the dishes pile up when we are hosting people. I have a strong need to put things in the dishwasher/get the kitchen in order. This is probably not fun for the guests, but we have an open floor plan so I can still talk/participate in conversations from the kitchen. But I need to go to bed pretty much immediately after our guests leave/the kids go to bed, so that's another reason I have to manage the dishes asap.

    We don't have any Halloween decorations, embarrassingly, besides a string of pumpkin lights. I need to start getting one thing/year but I am so picky about decor so have a hard time finding something I really like!

    1. I did 1/year for Christmas for a few years, and now we are full-- it's fun to be choosey and only pick things you love (says the lady who just bought 6 Walgreen Halloween mugs LOL)