Friday, September 08, 2023

Preschool Freedom


I dressed up today because yesterday while Minnie was at preschool, I BAKED THE WHOLE TIME. 

While it was completely blissful and the perfect way to celebrate being in my house by myself during regular daytime hours since LITERALLY YOU GUYS before the panny, it is NOT the way I should spend my kid-free time most days

Also I baked MOAR when she got home

SO. Today, I did my hair and makeup and put on a dress before I took Cooper and Minnie to school (have I talked about what an impossible logic problem THAT situation is? Basically, Cooper has TEN MINUTES between when the doors of his school open and when his class starts, but it is the SAME TIME Minnie needs to be dropped off, and the school are 5 minutes away from each other and GAH), which is a good dry run for Wednesdays when I will be teaching during preschool time, hoping that I would not go home and mop the floor (I bought my favorite scent of steam mop cleaner and have BIG PLANS for the main room). I went to a coffee shop instead!

BUT. Minnie’s school is a SAHM preschool with old fashioned nursery school hours, and I felt like a SOUL-LESS WORKING MOM SHE-DEVIL with my work bag and my heels in a sea of athleisure and Starbucks cups. I suddenly remembered my PAINFUL NEED to pass as a SAHM when Dorothy and Coop went there. Harry and Jack went part time to a full-day school where everyone worked, and I was the giant weirdo in my dissertation writing rags running from drop off to my carroll at the library or a coffee shop while everyone else went off to SURGERY or THE COURTROOM. Anywho. I have issues, obvs.

Minnie is killing it in preschool fashion, btw

Yesterday’s lewk, complete with Darth Vader Vans:

And today she woke up begging for braids (also theVANS! I love them so much, I think they were Jack’s).


  1. No one ever wins the Mommy Wars... but you're killing it!

  2. OWN your working self and down with mom guilt. If anyone is unsure if you are an awesome parent refer them to this blog. You ARE killing it!

  3. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Hopefully the pressure you are feeling is only from yourself, not the other parents, and you can let it go. There is no shame in working, or staying home, or teaching, or being a student. We are all trying to raise the best people we can.

    1. This is J, btw. I wasn't able to log in, and then suddenly I was.

  4. I agree with Maya - in fact, let's just all forget there ever was such a thing as Mommy Wars and just support each other where we are. I think you're rocking it. Also that dress is fire. Your days are such a logistical wonder, you are incredible for all that you do. Also, lol on the steam mop. I do get it. What is the scent, I must know.

  5. Yay for starting school! I imagine there's a lot of messiness behind the scenes, but you all look pulled together from the outside. It can only get better as you figure out the logistical puzzles, right?

  6. I love Minnie's style! Yay for getting some time to do what you need to do, be it baking or working outside the home!

  7. Honestly, you look SO much more put together than me, a mom of 0 who does about 1/1000th of what you do in a day. :)