Thursday, August 24, 2023

Coming up for (humid, stagnant) air


Hot makes me MAD. And! I was delighted to read in my favorite old lady magazine that I still subscribe to in print because OLD LDAY that this is pretty normal.

Here I am walking to my car after work yesterday when it was 99 outside but felt like 116. At 5pm.


Also! I have been SO busy. And! All we did was add 2 hockey practices a week (that we are CARPOOLING and for, so not even something that demands much effort on our part as parents— although rounding up gear that fit, cleaning out last season’s stinky bag, etc, was a lot) and 3 full days on-campus for me. (WHICH WAS A SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM, but not a wholly unwelcome one). 

Our apple cart was pretty shaky, it turns out, because those two teeny things really upset it.

It is some kind of privileged to complain about the heat in a super air conditioned house and then take your kids to their private pool for an evening swim and then complain some more, huh?

Also, looking at Minnie stuffed into her swimsuit at the end of summer reminds me SO MUCH OF ME. Apple doesn’t fall far, etc.

Did I mention that when we switched around kid rooms we got a bunch of LED voice activated light bulbs (at Jack’s urging)? SO FUN to ask Alexa to change colors and brightness, etc. Dorothy is a big fan. She is in the middle of redirecting, but all she has been able to commit to is cool lightbulbs and a poster from 5 below— baby steps.


  1. Complain away, girlfriend, 116 degrees is really unbearable. I have always lived in places that are dry (okay, I've lived in two places but both are dry) and humidity is just such a murder weapon of a weather phenomenon. Your pool looks really nice and inviting!

  2. The rest of my family LOVES voice activated lightbulbs but they drive me crazy because then actually using the switch messes things up. DON'T GET ME STARTED. I refused to have one inside my bedside lamp. I do not want to tell a machine at 11 pm to turn out my light. I have strong feelings (but everyone else thinks they're amazing and cool, so maybe that just shows how very un-fun I am).

    Those pictures of Minnie are too cute. What better way to cool down on a hot day than the pool. It's quite cool where I live; down to 11C in the mornings (58F). Sorry. I was frozen last evening outside and heated up magic bags at bedtime for my son. Maybe I can send some cool air and you send some warm air and we'll meet in the middle?

  3. It is horrible here, too. It's like a literal dumpster fire out there. I had a doctor appt yesterday morning so by the time I got to the parking garage at work, the only open spots WERE ON THE ROOF. So I got into a horribly steamy car at the end of the day. So fun.

    I am glad you have access to a pool! Most of the pools around us closed last weekend except the splash pad. I don't know of any private pools. Your pool looks amazing so what an excellent investment to have a membership!

  4. This is not livable, as far as I'm concerned. What would we do if we didn't have AC? How are people without AC living? We set ours to 76 and it felt like a freezer yesterday because it was so stupid hot and humid outside. I'm VERY grumbly about this. I live up north so that we don't get tropical weather!!

  5. The jumpsuit in your first picture is such a casual-cool work outfit!

    We must have similar weather, but it hasn't bothered me so far--grew up tropical, so that's probably why.

  6. OMG, the deep-end plunge into days on campus is causing me so much ANGST this year. I blame the (@#%*(@#*% construction on University, which will Never Ever Ever End. Ever. Ever ever.
    (Also Minnie. <3)