Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Life lately: assorted photos

How cute are they taking a walk after dinner (through a cloud of mosquitos)
She kept throwing this big old heavy Barbie plane to get it to fly.
Our garden has produced one single tomato and one giant zucchini. The rabbits in our yard are very fat.
We went out to a fun restaurant for our 18th anniversary, and then the place was out of s’mores pie, so we walked to an ice cream shop, and it was lovely.
Now that diving is over, we can have pool mornings. Only I forgot to pout sunscreen on Minnie’s face, and she got a “hun burn”
Dorothy and Ben went to Chicago for a dance intensive with a view 
I would really love it if Harry went to Ben’s campus next year. SO low stress and affordable.
Minnie is a gibbon wannabe
Best milkshakes in Madison.
Cooper, pancake artist.
Minnie very carefully holding her berry berry smoothie which she needed after exerting herself at gym class, natch.
Another anniversary pic
Riding home from the pool
Another buggy night walk
It took both of them to get the wilted balloon out of the Roomba
More and more Minnie wants to JUST WEAR MY TUMMY
I sure did make this doll her very own teeny pancakes.
Swim class baby! She talk to the teacher THE ENTIRE TIME.
Morning walk buddy
AAAAAAND we’re back to the anniversary date
I am clearly way too happy about the zoo train
There’s the smile I was looking for.



  1. So fun, Sarah! Love all the pictures. This looks like the perfect summer smorgasbord of adventures, sunshine, treats etc.

    Happy 18th Anniversary <3

  2. Awwww, such great photos! Happy anniversary -- you two are the cutest! And lol at Minnie trying to make the Barbie plane fly. Huge design flaw.

  3. Happy anniversary! You both are so photogenic. My husband loathes posed photography. I guess him and Taco are both team no photos. So I have to settle for candids of them.

  4. Doll pancakes! Y'all are the cutest.

  5. Happy anniversary! Love the photos of everything!

  6. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Happy anniversary! You're so radiant and glow-y and beautiful in all those pics <3.

  7. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Re. Harry going to Ben's campus. Wouldn't that be lovely? My oldest was going to go to Sarah Lawrence (full tuition exchange waiver and everything) but decided to go to my campus instead (also mostly free) because their friends were going there. It turned out to be awesome, because they could still see the younger siblings fairly regularly and could come to family events and all that, and it didn't feel like the wrench it would have been if they'd gone all the way to New York.

  8. Ummm. Sorry for my Covid clumsiness--both the anon comments above are from me.

  9. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Minnie's little cheeks! They sure do get rosy. The first couple of times I saw them, I thought they were fake - i.e. she had been playing with your makeup.