Friday, August 25, 2023

5 on a Friday: Things I Will Miss About Summer

 1. Not worrying about the big kids’ school work. There’s a (cultural and school-specific) expectation that parents keep track of their kids’ assignments and grades via the school’s learning management platform that sends a million notifications, and it stresses me out.

2. Long, lazy, light nights. Soon, it will be dark and cold at 5 pm, and I am never ready for that.

3. Walking out the door with kids and without coats, gloves, backpacks, etc. Right now, we have water bottles and maybe nothing else (Minnie has been showing up without shoes more and more lately).

4. Pool nights. And days.

5. Late starts to every morning, waking up without the pressure to go anywhere, no need to make sure the children groom themselves or look presentable. It is going to be so weird to wake up with alarms and leave the house again.


  1. I love summer and I love the ease of clothing in the summer. So easy to just...leave the house!

  2. I'll miss the long hours of daylight and the lack of layers! I'll also miss the prime time season at my parent's lake home. We've been up there a bit more this summer than usual which has been nice. The homework thing is going to be interesting to adapt to. It's so different from the world we grew up in! My parents really had no idea what was going on in school, which was fine since I am a type A enneagram 1 perfectionist. It's been interesting to hear from coworkers with older kids about how they will have a ton of assignments outstanding and then have until the end of the quarter or trimester or whatever to hand them in, so they are like actively managing their kids outstanding homework? It's hard to wrap my mind around that because you either handed something in or you got a 0 when I was in middle/HS...

    1. Yes! What is a bit scary to me is the fact university is following this trend. I understand flexible deadlines, but where we live in HS you CANNOT lose marks for handing in things late. That's not how it works in the real world. Deadlines exist. School was a great training ground for the reality of being an adult. I have many feelings about this!

      Our school tends toward very minimal homework which I love. I'm not a fan of homework at all, but I can appreciate the benefits and necessity of it at some points.

  3. Your elegy for summer really got to me. Same on every thing!

  4. Ditto to ALL of this. Especially being able to ease into mornings (I'm NOT a morning person) and the ease of just leaving the house without a million extra layers. It seriously adds at least 10 minutes to our morning routine in the winter. I love just...walking out the door!