Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The most delightful summer preview

 The pool opened over the weekend, and we had 3 days of perfectly sunny 80+ degree weather. Even though the kids still have this week and some of next week left school-wise, I feel like summer has arrived, and I am LOVING IT.

Jack is also a lifeguard this summer, and Harry is doing a good job sharing his workspace with his brother— he shares EVERYTHING with his brother. The boys DID compete over who could be a better big brother to Minnie in the water, but that means we all win, as far as I am concerned.

Ben and I started the weekend with a lunch beer (for me, this beer was literally my lunch which is a poor nutritional choice but can be a really fun buzz).

Minnie kicked things off with a garbage snack at the snack bar. My snack motto so far is progress not perfection. We bought a bunch of Costco snacks and pout them in the laundry room so the kids can literally grab them on the way out the door, and I put $3 each for Coop and Dorothy in the pool bag (EACH VISIT, plus they can take unlimited snacks from home), but we have still charged A BUNCH at the pool, and Harry and Jack have both charged dinner. WE ARE WORKING ON IT.
I embarrassed both older boys taking pics of them at work

We are making it through adult swim (THE LONGEST 15 MINUTES OF EVERY HOUR) with a cup of water and paint brushes— Minnie ADORES drawing on the concrete and watching it disappear

Dorothy and Cooper are playing a rowdy game of wiffle ball that appears to be ongoing every swim break, and they have joyfully reunited with old pool friends.

Minnie LOVES the water feature, playing with Jack and Harry in the pool, and going down the slide

Basically, you can find us here all the time between now and September.

Ben took her home mid afternoon Sunday, and she was asleep before they pulled out of the parking lot
When it’s crowded during the day, we like to come back at night when it’s cool, and we’re the only ones there

I even showered Minnie and brought her home in her pajamas (an old trick from when Dorothy and Cooper were tiny), and we used the extra bedtime time to hang out with all 4 bog kids and make s’mores— we are never all home together anymore, and it was wonderful.

Summer is always such a perfect reward for making through the long dark winter and the cold wet spring. WE ARE HERE FOR IT.


  1. Such a lovely time for your lovely family. A competition about who'd be the best sibling sounds just perfect!

  2. Sarah, this all looks SO fun. Love the sun and the pool and everyone's delight. Yay!!!

    And this was just so sweet: "The boys DID compete over who could be a better big brother to Minnie in the water, but that means we all win, as far as I a concerned." Win, win - indeed!!

    1. they are unbelievably sweet with her

  3. This pool looks amazing! But am I understanding correctly that everyone has to get out for 15 minutes every hour for adult swim time?? That seems so often! Are the adults like swimming laps during that time?

    I'm hoping to take the boys to the pool by us this summer. Now that Will can handle missing a nap, we can make a day of it. It's pretty expensive to get in and I don't know that we'd go often enough to get a membership so I want to get my money's worth!! I took Paul 2 summers ago and he still talks about it!

    It's quite a treat to be the doted upon youngest sibling. Minnie is a lucky girl!

    1. EVERY single hour! Unless the pool is not crowded and the guards can take a break without one (like, each kid can rotate off for 15 minutes an hour). Parents usually are drunk in the afternoon and do ridiculous dives, go down the slide, etc-- but not much lap swimming LOL

    I love summer!

  5. Your summer posts make me so freaking happy. THIS is doing summer right.

  6. Oh goodness, if we had a pool like that in our neighborhood, we would spend every day there as well! It looks like an amazing way to spend a summer. We live in a townhouse with a pool, and I do enjoy hearing the kids play out there. When my daughter was young, she was the only kid of her age, so often didn't have anyone to play with. When she was in High School, there were perhaps 3 kids who were very little, and they had SUCH fun every afternoon. I wished she could have had that experience. Oh well. Enjoy your summer, it looks to be AMAZING.

  7. There's something I really miss about a fun, family-friendly community pool. It just screams summer. I'm excited for all your family summer adventures at the pool!

  8. This. This is living your best summer life. I'm so glad you and your family had this time together. :)