Friday, May 26, 2023

Dance Momming

 Dorothy had her final dance competition of the regular season— just nationals left to go.

We were running late, but we stopped at Starbucks anyway because that’s who I am. I ran inside to pick up our mobile order, but as we were pulling away from Starbucks, Dorothy said “Who’s Jeff?” Because I grabbed THE WRONG BAKERY ORDER. Listen. We didn’t have time to go back, so Dorothy ate Jeff’s breakfast brownie and left him her chocolate croissant, and I called her Jeff the rest of the day. Such bad karma, huh?


Coop was play8ng baseball at this adorable Little League stadium in the parking lot of the Milwaukee Brewer’s stadium (and Ben coaches his team), so Minnie came with us. SHE LOVED IT SO MUCH.
Jeff did, too.
Minnie danced THE WHOLE TIME.
Except when she played Lego.

Have I talked about how much I hate to fly? Like, so much that we surprised the kids at the airport with a Chrismukkah trip to Disney World and then surprised them again by DRIVING THERE. From the airport. Well, since nationals is in Orlando, Ben is taking Dorothy. They are staying at Disney and can’t wait. Except for  picture week, dress rehearsal, and the recital, my 2022-2023 dance mom days are behind me.


(Sometimes you dance too much)

(And need to cool off)
All three dances scored platinum and won awards

Here’s Dorothy onstage

And Minnie spectating


  1. So many smiles from this post today... my top faves are your new kid named Jeff and Minnie cooling off!!

    1. Minnie cooling off-- I wish adults could do that

  2. Yasss Jeff! Go, Jeff!
    I used to love flying and on one level I still love flying - although don't love airports and all the rigamarole, etc., that one has to go to in order to go somewhere. But I love the feeling of GOING on a TRIP, and also the block of time that I can just read and that is all I can do. This probably is aided by the fact that I'm not travelling with little people anymore!

    1. definitely better when you're not traveling with little people

  3. I also hate flying. I hate being crammed in a small space unable to walk around and not being assured that I can pee when I want to and all the stupid liquid rules. I will drive ten hours and be happier than flying one. Jeff! Not the worst karma, by far. I hope Jeff enjoyed being Dorothy. Dancing baby! Love!

    1. YES-- I, too, am happier driving than flying even though driving sucks.

  4. It's weird how much I look forward to flying... until I'm crammed in a super small seat that is not meant for larger bodies. And then I realize that it's just the worst! I don't get anxiety about flying, but I do dislike how I feel like I'm just stuck for however many hours I'm going to be on the plane. Ugh.

    So fun to see Dorothy dancing! And Minnie!

  5. The dancing is on point. Go Jeff! Also, Minnie cooling off is priceless. Please save that picture forever. :) Flying? I am less fond of it as I age and it becomes a neverending source of stress. Delays, other people (ARGH), tight seats (and I am not a large person), etc. etc. etc. I love the control of driving, for sure.