Monday, May 15, 2023

A 45th birthday for the books

Thursday night at the golf course bar:

 Friday (my true birthday eve)

Ben took Dorothy Cooper and Jack to an outdoor amusement park in the Dells for reasons I will explain later.

Meanwhile I made myself the best cake ever:

Cooper requested The Shining, and I immediately bought it on amazon. He was hooked on our way to have dinner with friends at the Elks club

Where I had ANOTHER old fashioned because BIRTHDAY EVE

Dorothy was not there because she went to a slumber party, and it was HER FIRST ONE EVER, which I only realized because of her Extreme Excitement. Damn that global pandemic. This was her page-a-day calendar from SLUMBER PARTY DAY

Ben picked lilacs, definitely my love language
On a Friday side note: I am usually really chill about play doh and kinetic sand. Like, it’s easy to clean up and good for fine motor skills, so I just let them play with it wherever, any time. BUT MINNIE ON FRIDAY. GOOD LORD. I AM STILL CLEANING UP SAND. EFF. (Seriously, I found some on my a shelf today, and we had people over this weekend, and I have dusted the living room WHAT THE HELL).

Saturday, my actual bday

Minnie asked for a necklace and a bracelet for my birthday, and I am no fool

Ben got my very favorite donuts

I slept in, worked out, and took a walk

When I got home, there were decorations and 45 balloons. Note: 45 balloons is  A LOT OF BALLOONS.

Also Dorothy was back! And so crabby!  Also THERE WERE PRESENTS

Can you get someone my age something that says it’s RETRO? I think maybe not.
Let me do a retro eye. Or as I call it, an eye.
Jack got me really sweet photos he printed from his phone in frames he painted. SO SWEET.
Ben took Coop and Dorothy to baseball. Harry went to tennis, and Minnie, Jack and I decorated my cake and went to Starbucks (BIRTHDAY REWARDS) on our way to watch the baseball game.

Cooper’s team got TROUNCED, but every single kid wished me happy birthday

I stopped by the tennis tourney on my way home

And saw the best truck ever at a stoplight
My mom and her boyfriend came to town, and we got manicures and pedicures for Mother’s Day and ate a lovely dinner (delicious Italian beef sandwiches that Steve brought, plus a ton of sides, plus my dream cake and also a Costco chocolate cake because Snickers cheesecake is not for everyone) with the chaos of all the kids (MOAR old fashioneds)

Sunday— still about me, really.

More presents, a movie with a majority of the kids, and a sushi and champagne pajama party. PERFECT.


  1. What a fun and fabulous 45th birthday, Sarah! May your birthday celebrations continue through the week!

    1. back to work this week **whomp whomp** but it WAS so fun

  2. Happy Birthday, Sarah! This all looks wonderful.
    Cheesecake is my food love language, so I AM. HERE. FOR. THE. CHEESECAKE. PICS. Also, those balloons! How fun and festive.
    So glad you had such a fabulous weekend <3

  3. Wow! What an amazing and fun weekend! I love the poultry in motion truck and Minnie's jewelry request and the kids at the game all telling you happy birthday and the printed photos in the painted frames. What a way to celebrate the beginning of 45! Happy birthday!

    1. poultry in motion! I LOLed in my car all alone

  4. Wow you had an awesome birthday weekend. That cake looks AMAZING!! Your family really knows how to do birthdays! We haven't had balloons in our house since Paul's first birthday. He was TERRIFIED of the balloons so I have been hesitant to get them again but I should as surely by now they won't terrify either child. But who knows!

    You look amazing, though. 45 looks good on you!!

    1. thank you! minnie was VERY SCARED of her bday balloons too, but she likes them ok now-- phew!

  5. Happy birthday!!! I love birthdays and I love that yours was so special. Wonderful!

  6. YOU WIN AT BIRTHDAYS. Your posts always make me wish I'd had more kids (which I often wish anyway, but some people's posts, um, don't make me wish it as much). That DOES look like the best birthday cake ever. "Or as I call it, an eye" hahahahahah

    1. the cheesecake was SO GOOD. I had the last sliver set aside to eat with my post-sushi champagne on Mother's Day, and Ben thought it was a dirty dish with half eaten cake and THREW IT AWAY. It was a tragedy.

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday! All about you as it should be :))) Happy 45th!

  8. What a great birthday! So many smiles (and balloons and cake!) Happy birthday!

  9. I wish I were as excellent at celebrating birthdays as you and your family. I love that it was a weekend all about you. The smiles...the balloons... :) happy belated birthday!