Friday, February 24, 2023

In the middle of 3 days of no school **yikes face**

 I wrote like a super ranty post about moms complaining about having their kids home from school for 2 snow days and a teacher in-service and scheduled it to post, but, I don’t know. It’s very ranty.

We sure did have 2 snow days in a row and then a teacher in-service though. Phew! That’s a whole lot for a work week.

I am addicted to the way Minnie asks for books. She reads one to herself for awhile and then finds me wherever I am and says “THIS BOOK. YOU READ IT ME.”

She is VERY into tea parties right now.
Reading to herself is the cutest.
She’s working on pouring.
YOU BET we busted out the bounce house. Only Dorothy and Minnie can bounce in it, but the boys had fun playing with Minnie and remembering their own bouncing days. TWO DAYS OF FUN.

We also got some mileage out of blanket forts

Also!! Never underestimate the power of some craft paper, colored pencils, and painter’s tape

Dorothy and Minnie both donned Dorothy’s old ballet costumes and did some pretty adorable dancing

We played Disney Trivia ad nauseam

Dorothy’s current read. She is also watching Outer Banks— she’s made it through both old seasons to start the new one on time.

But also she is playing Calico Critters in her Elsa castle. Nine on the very edge of 10 indeed.

Harry asked me to make crock pot Mac and cheese which no one else really likes. AND THEN HE SPENT THE NIGHT WITH HIS FRIEND AND LEFT US TO EAT IT. Cool cool.
Future goalie
That post-mani smile


  1. Aw, it's so sweet to see them playing together. Dorothy letting Minnie wear her old costumes! *so cute*

  2. I am all for a ranty post.

    These photos are so cute! The girls in their ballet costumes, omg.

    I laughed that Harry chose a meal only he likes and then ditched you all. Probably wasn't QUITE as funny for the rest of you.

    1. I HATE that mac and cheese-- it's all oily and the noodles get so soft. And so salty! He ate most of the leftovers (blech), but still!

  3. Tell Minnie I also love tea parties.
    Ah, snow days. 8 out of the last 9 Friday's school has either been cancelled or delayed by two hours; there was also a planned in-service day on one of those Friday's! Today was another snow day in Nova Scotia, too!!

    1. Ours have all been Thursdays LOL

  4. EEK brb, have to go back in time and have a bunch more kids. Kids home for three days DOES sound like a lot during a work week, however much you rocked it, but I am all for a ranty post about complainy people. They only cancel the buses here for bad weather, the schools stay open (which somehow seems both less stupid and more so).

    1. I would like that set up because my little kids walk to school. I can just see myself wathcing the through a blizzard from the front porch and preparing to go inside for a quiet, snowy day LOL

  5. Rant away, Sarah; all blog rants are valid...
    Those pictures of Dorothy and Minnie dancing were extra delightful. You've certainly got another dancer coming up! (Also, teenagers! Not the most considerate, no? But it was kinda funny.)

    1. teenagers! so self-centered!