Thursday, February 16, 2023

The stinky baba

 Well. Since it is a Thursday in February, it must be a blizzard. This has been the weirdest weather month (which is something middle class people in resource-rich parts of developed nations will just repeat inanely to each other now through the end of time) with warm weather all week and then a huge heaping of snow on Thursdays. IT IS SUPPOSED TO SNOW NEXT THURSDAY, TOO.

This week, our school district is open but all the private schools in town and every single outlying district for like 40 miles is closed. WEIRD DECISION, MADISON. But since I am working from home today, I will take it. Also, speaking of privilege, Ben took the big kids to school so we didn't have to worry about them in the snow, and the other kids just walk across the street. I would be more stressed about this day if there were busses involved. And boy would it suck to have to have to find emergency childcare if they were home and my job was unworkable with them around, etc. NO WINNERS, is what I am saying.


We have been missing one of Minnie’s bottles for about a week. 

We only have 3 bottles total since ironically we only started using them once Minnie turned 1 and tried cow's milk-- she really likes to drink it from a 4-ounce Avent newborn bottle, and who am I to judge that? We have the emergency bottle pack I bought when she was days old and not pooping and my doc told me to supplement each feed with pumped milk, and we don't plan to buy more now that she is 2.5 with teeth growing into the shape of a circle who also still breastfeeds, you know?

So, I mean, it's not like we have been searching for this bottle because SHE DOESN'T NEED IT and really SHOULD NOT BE USING IT.

But! While building a Frozen castle out of blocks, I found it under the couch-- where I stuck my head to grab an errant lavender triangle.

It was CHUNKY, and I happily gave it to Ben to rinse and put in the dishwasher because I could not bear to open it up myself.

Which is when Minnie piped up with “OH! THAT THE STINKY BABA! THE STINKY BABA SO YUCKY”

I had a few questions:

I am still laughing about this, if you must know. Like, when did she find and drink it? And why did she just put it back where she found it and not SAY anything?

Ugh, she’s so funny.


  1. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Lisa again here. I love that she found the bottle, tried it, and then stashed it back where she found it!!

  2. I have found the equivalent a few times and it is the grossest. thing. ever. I remember when this happened I didn't feel like even a dozen washings could get the horrible smell out!

    A friend of mine discovered a half eaten apple that had gone soft and moldy inside a toy bin.
    And a friend of a friend once discovered her toddler had PEED inside their toy bin and then covered up the pee with toys and it took them weeks to figure out the terrible smell. I shudder.
    Oh, and another child I know (now almost 20!!!) once took off her diaper - a poopy diaper - and starting drawing with the contents on the wall above her crib. I've made sure NOT to tell her boyfriend this story.

    Isn't motherhood glamorous and wonderful for anyone that might be a germaphobe?

    1. HILARIOUS and DISGUSTING. Which is basically kids in a nutshell.

  3. Somehow I missed this one but it is hilarious! I cannot believe she tried it and then put it back! (No, I can believe it; I have met toddlers.) As Elisabeth points out, parenthood can be full of unexpected horrors. So glad this one was well contained!

    1. AND PUT IT BACK-- that's the kicker. And then just accepted it like oh under the couch is where the disgusting rotten milk bottle goes.