Monday, February 13, 2023


 We got just demolished by a horrible virus this weekend. Not norovirus thank goodness— or maybe it was but we only got the fever, chills, and body ache part? Is that a thing? No GI symptoms anyway. Minnie also has a terrible snotty nose and a gross cough (that mostly strikes at bedtime and in the middle of the night and causes me SUCH anxiety), but nobody else got that part, either.

 Jack didn’t get sick at all. 

But the rest of us? DEMOLISHED.

And the absolute weirdest part was that it came out of nowhere. Saturday morning, we were all fine. Minnie had a 99.2-degree temperature, a runny nose, and a tiny cough, but she was in good spirits.

 Harry and Jack went to a speech tournament at 7 am, and I took Coop to his first hockey game at 9:30 while Ben and the girls grocery shopped for lasagna and brownie ingredients. Ben and I switched off after game 1, so he could watch game 2, and I made lunch at home for the girls and put Minnie (fever free with no meds, as she would stay all weekend even though the snot and cough situation got worse) down for a nap. I was FREEZING, but our home hockey rink is always cold, so I put on slippers and a sweater and made some tea and didn’t think much of it. I tried to take a nap after lunch while watching Wednesday with Dorothy, and I took some Tylenol mid-afternoon because I just felt kind of achy and tired.

The boys came home from speech before dinner (Harry won the tournament in oratory and was THRILLED), and Harry felt kind of off. He took his temperature and had a low grade fever, so he took some ibuprofen because sometimes when he gets a virus he also gets a pericardial effusion, and his cardiologist wants him to jump on anti-inflammatories when he gets sick.

That made me think oh shit maybe I should take my temperature, so I did, and it was 100 even with Tylenol on board. BUT I KEPT MAKING DINNER. And cleaning up dinner, And taking care of assorted kids while Ben took Cooper to a birthday party and picked up our grocery order. When he got home with groceries, I was like dude, I am going to bed I think I might expire from this horrible disease that I have. Also my temperature was 102, and that sucks when you’re a grown up.

I was SO COLD and my body hurt terribly. I took a shower and dressed in a flannel PJ set with a sweatshirt over the top like Murphy Brown AND a plush robe on top that I wore into bed under all my covers with an extra down quilt on top and could not stop shivering. Ben made Harry and me both take COVID tests (neg), and I took more meds and watched TONS and TONS of Emily in Paris because I was too sick to even sleep. My body aches were BRUTAL.

In the middle of the night, Ben spiked a fever from his bed on the couch, and he wrapped himself in all the blankets we keep in the ottoman and just, like, shivered for a few hours. I was zero help in the morning, though, and really didn’t get out of bed until mid afternoon. I just could not even. I felt kind of bad listening to the noises of people living outside my door, but honestly? The whole thing sounded really subdued. After several doses of OTC meds, some 7 up and crackers that I made my also-sick husband bring to me, and an epsom salt soak (thank goodness for super deep bath tubs), I gingerly got out of bed... to find that Dorothy and Cooper woke up sick, too, and everyone was just sort of laying around feeling awful. SO that’s why they were so quiet.

Harry felt so crappy he found a sub for the hockey game he was supposed to ref and canceled his Super Bowl plans with friends as soon as he woke up. Ben thought Cooper was going to be sad to miss Sunday hockey, but Coop was so sick he barely acknowledged the game. Even Dorothy just sat around and read books all day (that’s another thing—I was too sick to read. At some points, I was too sick to watch Emily in Paris— I just stared at the screen saver on my TV).

Miraculously, all the kids woke up Monday feeling wonderful and went to school. Ben felt ok and worked from home. I felt less ok and took a sick day to sloth around and feel the rest of the way better. Which I do. Finally. 

At least it was fast?

Also! The night before we got sick we went out for shared plates with friends. YIKES YIKES YIKES. Nobody likes to send the thanks-for-sharing-your-chèvre-curds-I-AM-SO-SICK text the morning after.

Right before we went out, we discovered that Harry’s tire was flat on the driveway. LOVE that for us.

I am trying SO HARD to do beach waves with my flat iron, you guys.

I got one single good one at hockey on Saturday

The above shot was me at 9:30 am, and by 8 pm, I was SO PATHETIC

Who takes a selfie when they feel like hot trash?

Another thing I love for us? 1 flat tire turned into 1 tire repair, 2 brand new tires, new windshield wiper blades, and an oil change. Neat.

Happier times, BEFORE VIRUS.


  1. O my goodness!!! Glad all of you seem recovered, but to have a whole household out sick like that sucks. Ben sounds like a folk hero for sure.

  2. Okay. Funny (and long) story:
    I was DEAD asleep this morning when I heard a rustling noise at my bedroom door (turns out it was my son pushing through a note - after my brain fog cleared I thought it was probably a lovely Valentine's card. It was NOT - rather it was a request to watch an episode of Floor is Lava. Haha). But waking up so suddenly had triggered a flight-or-fright rush of adrenaline (I'd been in the middle of a nightmare when the rustling paper noise woke me up). This is all to set the scene for the fact I felt VERY on edge.
    Once I laid back in bed to ease into the day (I thought I had overslept - also putting my on edge - but I actually still had 15 minutes before my 7:00 am exit), I opened up Feedly and this post showed up.
    The title said DEMOLISHED and the only other thing Feedly showed was the gorgeous picture of you and Ben hugging (this ended up being the header photo displayed by Feedly).
    Sarah, I LEGIT lost my mind. I was like: They're getting a divorce. And she's ANNOUNCING IT ON VALENTINE'S DAY. I was ready to throw my phone at the wall and crawl back under the covers. For real my stomach literally bottomed out when I saw that title and picture combo.
    I am SO, SO sorry you were sick. But I SO, SO happy it isn't your marriage that was demolished.

    1. WORST DIVORCE REVEAL EVER— on Vday!! Sorry for the rocky start to your day

  3. Oh my gosh Sarah! This sounds awful! Too sick to sleep or watch TV sounds really, really awful. I am so glad the kids bounced back so quickly and you are finally feeling better. YIKES.

  4. Oh, man, I haven't been sick since 2019 and reading this made me absolutely certain I never want to be sick again. LOL.

    I'm glad you're all feeling better(ish)!

  5. Anonymous6:33 PM

    This is Lisa! Stupid google won’t let me log in. This is so awful! I dread something like this happening. Both parents being sick is so terrible! The spring after Will was born, I got a stomach bug the same weekend Phil threw out his back. So he couldn’t pick up either kid. Paul was still in a crib so I had to do both boys’ bedtime. I threw up in the middle of Paul’s bedtime. It was AWFUL! I am glad you are all feeling better!

    1. Oh my gosh that happened to us when Harry was tiny— we BOTH had a stomach bug that we got from him but he recovered and we were SOOOOOO sick

  6. Anonymous7:06 PM

    That sounds terrible--and a lot like something I had in early December (though mine came with queasiness too). The sudden onset, fever, hypothesis is that it was the flu and that it went away quickly because I'd been vaccinated, but who the heck knows. glad you're all feeling better!

    1. I thought that too but Dorothy had flu A and she was also sick- flu B maybe and we are just really unlucky?

  7. Oh goodness gracious, this sounds AWFUL. I hate being sick like that - the kind of sick where you can't even watch TV!! I'm glad your house is well again, that had to be such a horrible time for everyone involved!