Thursday, February 02, 2023

Thursday randoms

January 2023; January 2022

Facebook memories always get me in the feels.

We had SUCH a lovely day on Tuesday. Dorothy felt better thanks to the magic of antibiotics, but she still had a low grade fever Monday through lunchtime, so I kept her home to rest for one more day. Minnie was THRILLED to have her bestie back because Dorothy wore a mask and stayed in her room the whole time she was sick.

Dorothy got to come with us to swim lessons and take pictures for the Gram, and after, we all went to Target. I cleaned out Dorothy’s closet and drawers on Saturday (donations and stuff to pack away for Minnie— some of the boys’ clothes were unsalvageable even for donation piles when I would clean them out at this age, but Dorothy only had 2 pairs of sweatpants with ruined knees), but then she got sick AND we got like 14 inches of snow, so we didn’t have time to shop for the specific items she needed to replace.

She NEEDED black leggings (like, the athletic kind, not the cloth kind) for dance competitions (they wear them between numbers with their team jackets and shoes), and we found those (although I wanted to buy one to save for dance and one for daily wear, but she only likes high-waisted, full-length ones, and Target only had a single pair in a medium). She also really needed another pair of jeans because she is down to one single pair, and they are wide legged, high-waisted, and acid washed, in other words very memorable. BUT! She hates jeans and found zero that she could imagine wearing. She did find another pair of athletic leggings and a pair of joggers, though, so that’s helpful. Right now, her wardrobe is mostly dresses, and she hates tights **eye roll**. She also imprinted on a fuzzy fleece sweatshirt (she has a bajillion sweatshirts) and found 2 (you guessed it) dresses. I bought a pair of cheapy black leggings to wear under them, and she found THE CUTEST loafers. 

We had fun, and she picked out some adorable things, but her wardrobe still has big gaps. That I plan to address with spring clothes **shrug**.

Meanwhile, in toddlerville, Minnie found a Little Mermaid sleeves tutu dress (SO PRACTICAL), Frozen Mary Janes, and a necklace/bracelet set that she HAD TO HAVE. She has worn the entire ensemble 2 days in a row (I washed after bedtime), and yesterday she lost the bracelet somewhere between the couch, the dance studio, and the salon for Dorothy’s bang trim. I HAVE ALREADY ORDERED A NEW ONE FOR TARGET PICK UP. And yes, my spending spreadsheet knows my shame.

Cutest loafers— pretty sure I had them 30 years ago

She feels good as hell in this dress., so **shrug**

Caught her

Will wash hands for stamp

Will ONLY wash hands for stamp

Beatrix never judges me when the laundry backs up on a sheets day. She’s happy to help keep it company.

Living the impossible shrimp taco dream.

Before I had so many kids, I should have thought more critically about the likelihood that a family this size would involve bunk beds. I HATE CHANGING THE TOP BUNK. And! Since Dorothy maintains both her own bedroom and the top bunk in Cooper’s room so she can sleep where she fancies on a particular night, I have TWO top bunks in my life and UGH. (Also, every other week, these beds have matching dino comforters, but the off week sees rainbows and transformers (**shrug**) (Also also Dorothy sleeps with LITERALLY 19 stuffed animals and about 6 books).


  1. And why WOULDN'T Minnie feel fab in that dress? It's amazing!

  2. Minnie's dress is so cute! I am cold just looking at those pictures, though!! Will's obsession is slippers and hooded sweatshirts, with the hood up. You can tell we do not keep our house super super warm - we usually keep it at 68 so we are all in hooded sweatshirts, slippers, wool socks, etc. And my boys seem to run cold like I do!

    I'm glad Dorothy is feeling better!!

    1. Minnie runs hot and we keep the house SO WARM-- warmer than in the summer LOL

  3. I mean, who here doesn't sleep with a large number of stuffed animals/random pillows from Homegoods? I would NEVER cast stones.

    Also, I hate changing sheets in general. Why is it so hard? (It's hard because we push our beds into corners and that's our own damn fault for having small rooms and bad design choices.)

  4. I once had to change the sheets on a bunk bed and was so glad that I do not have bunk beds. I remember bunks just from sleepaway camp, where we all had sleeping bags, so it never seemed to be a big deal. OMG IT IS SUCH A BIG DEAL.

    This: "wide legged, high-waisted, and acid washed" - I mean, that was my junior high esthetic. Although we all rolled or pinned our jeans so the ankles were super tight and the rest of the jeans BALLOONED around us. And we tucked in our t-shirts. Why was this horribly unflattering look in style? Who can say.

    1. Yes WHY the tight-rolled jeans? We did, too. And the jeans with the YOKE in the front- those were the absolutely ugliest but so cool.

  5. Oh, bunk beds are cool... but not to change sheets LOL

    There really is never a dull moment in your house, is there?