Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Happy V-day

 I looooooooove Valentine’s Day. LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Like, all heart-shaped lunch foods kind of love (If you roll out a Z bar you can make 2 tiny hearts out of it Minnie calls Z bars Z-B-A-Rs, which cracks me up.)

Minnie and I went to a Friday play date at The Little Gym to celebrate, even (omg you guys! Is that where the virus of doom came from?!)

Because I am tracking my spending this quarter, I happen to know that I spent EIGHTY SEVEN DOLLARS of real money, not Monopoly funds, on classroom Valentines for Dorothy and Cooper to hand out at school. WHAT. I am kind of interested to see what other money suckers pop up unexpectedly. Like, I knew Valentines were a thing I bought, but I didn’t think they cost that much. Add another $30 on class party contributions (cheaper FOR SURE than years I signed up to be the class party mom) PLUS V-Day morning gifts for all and DANG. A major minor holiday.

Minnie and I BAKED, even

My dad always worked at a chain drugstore pharmacy when I was a kid, so we always had little gifts and ginormous Russel Stover chocolate hearts on v-day, and that tradition lives on. I hope you all have a lovely (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) day with aaaaall the heart eyes.


  1. Awww. This is so fun. I always feel bad that Valentine's Day isn't a big deal to me because I could make it all so fun.
    When my husband and I were dating we had an incredible first Valentine's together (and one other year was memorable because we each baked in secret for the other...only to discover we had EACH BAKED THE SAME THING and, whomp whomp...his was better than mine).

    But this post was just delightful to read and made me feel very happy about the fun of the holiday. The nose-picking Valentine is my favourite for sure :)

    I did set out Valentine's plates this morning (leftover from last year, it was actually my daughter who dug these out of the holiday bin), dyed their milk pink for cereal, and my sweet hubby - away on business this week - did also get them a little bag of gifts.

    I spent about $5 on pre-fab Valentine's and the kids didn't even end up using them. They ended up making their own. I felt slightly guilty sending my son with tiny scraps of paper with illegible writing on it, but SO many years my kids come home with Valentine's that were clearly written out by an adult and I am just not at that point in my life. Illegible, homemade Valentine's (that my 8-year old is VERY proud of) for the...win?!

    1. the valentines clearly made by adults bum me all the way out. like, it's for kids to be sweet to their friends and misspell everyone's names. back off, grown ups (and maybe, like, make your own crafts)

  2. Those Valentines may have been spendy but they are SO fun. The nose one cracks me up. I ordered some scratch and sniff s'mores ones for my kiddo to hand out, although she thought the smell was gross. Whoops. Love your holiday baking! Very cute! And Miinnie's collection of pink dresses is on point.

    1. I used to be SO into scratch and sniff stickers when I was a kid-- the grocery store we went to was in a weird strip mall with a sticker store (LOL) and I got to get stickers after we shopped. My faves were pepperoni pizza and skunk-- I still remember those smells.

  3. Those cookies are so adorable! I love just celebrating things, and I love hearts, so I enjoy Valentine's!

  4. I do love capitalism