Tuesday, January 04, 2022

I scheduled time to worry, and it worked for me!

 Year ago, I listened to an episode of Happier and heard Gretchen Rubin and Liz Craft tell their listeners to reduce anxiety by scheduling time to worry. Because I like to worry all the time about everything, I marveled at this strategy and thought it could never work for me. After I waited for over two weeks for the results of a biopsy during a rough postpartum stretch after I had Minnie, though, I thought about scheduling time to worry again and wished I had done it. Think of all the perfectly lovely time I wasted when Minnie was mini being worried about a mole that turned out to be totally fine. I wish I could have that time back. 

So, last month, when I needed yet another biopsy of a lady part, I decided to give worry-scheduling a try. Here's how I made it work:

1. I had a month between visiting the doctor and having the ultrasound and biopsy. I knew I wanted to put the whole thing out of my mind for that month, so I asked a million questions at my initial appointment, and I told the doctor I needed something to treat the problem I was having (a period that would never end) in the short term so I wouldn't worry about it over time.

2. I followed up with my GP for a physical a few days after the OB appointment and filled her in on what was happening, asked her advice, asked even more questions. These 2 things helped put my mind at ease, even with a procedure hanging over me.

3. Every time I started thinking about a sonohysterography, I calmly batted the thought away like it was a balloon-- like you do with wandering mediation thoughts-- and reminded myself I could worry about it on January 3rd.

4. Then, yesterday, I worried all day long, and I was a mega bitch this morning.  The appointment itself was fine-- uncomfortable and inconvenient-- but fine. I asked a ton of questions because today was still technically a worry day, and I walked out feeling... not worried at all. I plan to revisit my worry when the clinic calls with biopsy results and not a moment sooner.

And I bought donuts to celebrate the procedure being over and my scheduled worry time working like a charm!

Also not worried:

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  1. Nice work!!! Being in control of your anxiety, rather than feeling controlled by it, is HUGE and 100% donut-worthy!