Monday, January 03, 2022

Happy New Year!

 How's it going for you all so far?

I have a scary ultrasound tomorrow to make sure my decrepit uterus is OK, and I have done such a good job of not thinking about it for a month that when I finally did think about it, I got super stressed out. So, there's that.

Also, our school district is taking an extended winter break and then doing 2 days of virtual learning and hopes to go back on 1/10, barring continuing staff shortages. I should note that this only affects Harry and Jack because Dorothy and Cooper have to stay virtual through the end of the quarter (January 24) and we were already planning to keep the older boys out because our county is a hot covid mess. I think our district's decision is a great one, and when I noted that on social media, I lost actual friends. And other friends explained privilege to me like I am not an academic. So rude and condescending. Also! When nonwhite parents are asked about closing schools to stop covid spread, they are more likely to be in favor of school closings than middle class white parents are. ALSO, middle class white parents use the image of nonwhite children living in poverty to justify their desire for school to stay open. BUT THAT DESIRE IS THE EPITOME OF WHITE SUPREMACY. It's about the career ladder and kids falling behind and cultural practices/traditions parents feel their kids are "owed." And I said NONE OF THAT on social media because I didn't want to offend anyone. But people just assumed I am an ignorant white lady floating on a privilege bubble and I just... ugh.

We had a lovely NYE, and it was not different than our usual NYE because WE ARE LOSERS.

We all made it until midnight, except Minnie who seemed to feel left out and has added an extra night waking every day this year. Cool.
Minnie, by the way, is teething and not thrilled about it.
She is thrilled with her standing desk, though
DJ Minnie
We just keep trying to re-Jenga all of our rooms to make room for all of the Christmas stuff.

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  1. At this point it really blows my mind that we don't have COVID yet. Luckily we're all as vaccinated as possible, so if/when it happens I think we'll be alright. I'd be freaking out if we had any littles in the house. I'm still worried about staff shortages though and sent all of my people out the door this morning with a hope and a prayer.

    I'm sorry people suck :(