Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Back to work!

 I went to WORK on CAMPUS today! I am not going to lie to you, I was super nervous. But! If it's not safe to sit in a room of people wearing N95 masks, then we are all so, so, so screwed. But still. Very people-y. Speaking of people-y! I teach a huge lecture class twice a week starting next week, so...

I actually really liked getting dressed, leaving the house, getting coffee, walking downtown, etc.

The little kids are almost done with virtual school. It feels like we made it to the end of a marathon, but, like, there are zombies at the finish line, so we kind of want to keep running. Except, you know, it's a marathon, so we are exhausted.

Harry had this week off school (finals week, but you only have to go to finals if you are getting a D or an F in class, and Harry has amazing grades and we are so proud of him); Dorothy and Cooper are home still, and Jack had a 3-day week. So, he has been the only person venturing out of the house. Except for me this morning and Ben on Friday. 

Next week, though, the little kids are Back! At! School! across the street; Harry and Jack have normal 5-day weeks, and Ben and I are doing the 2/3 days at the office shuffle again. PRAY FOR US (no, but like for real).

And now for 2 shots of Minnie making her Grumpy Monkey face:

And a hilarious mask that came in my monthly mask box:

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  1. Fingers crossed for everyone! (Minnie's grumpy monkey face is bringing me so much joy right now, BTW)