Monday, October 12, 2020

Excuse my absence these last couple of weeks...

 ... I was pretty sure I was dying,

But today, a nurse at my OB's office called with those magic words the mole is normal.

I will spare you the details and just use a phrase I hope I never encounter again: vulvar biopsy.


So! Pictures! Because there is an 8-week-old baby after all.

Fall walk:
Life lately:
Story walk at the library:
Every night from 8-10:30 pm
I took her out of the Ergo and she fell asleep some more:
And caramel apples, natch
Speaking of pumpkins:
So sleepy!
So awake!
Aaand asleep again
Every night Love it!!
Art class
Big girl outfit!
Baby skeleton
wearing a onesie of Harry's
We have had the best weather!!
She rolled! (on a hill)
They were proud
MOAR smiles!

Bath side eye
A wet walk. Oops.

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