Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Assorted Complaints

  •  I hate dealing with my FSA account and uploading receipts for medical bills. It's my money already that the FSA is managing-- it should not be that difficult
  • Bringing the kids home for lunch is a huge pain in the butt, especially when it's just me home and I have to bundle Minnie up and take her with me. HUGE PAIN.
  • My classroom is not in my building, and walking there is very hard in the freezing cold. Who wants to lecture to 200 people with HAT HEAD? NOT ME. And yet.
  • Driving to kiddie activities is something I have not missed during the pandemic. GAH.
  • Dorothy and Cooper have gone through almost a dozen KN95 masks in the 3 days they have been back to school. I cannot afford this trend.
  • I am on birth control, and it makes me feel wonderful but also I cannot lose any weight and YUCK.
  • Bangs are a terrible decision I am still paying for.
  • Omicron is still peaking here, and I really need a pedicure.
  • Minnie is sleeping poorly, and it is making me stabby.
  • This book was great and I totally get the metaphor/satire. but it made me feel so sad, and I cannot shake it.

I think that covers it.

Something wonderful to offset all that complaining:


  1. I’m reading that now! Holy cow!

  2. I started it and couldn't continue... I felt so panicked and pained.