Monday, February 10, 2020

Putting "Fashion Show Judge" on my CV


We had the best date night last weekend.  I took my lovely pedicure from Laquerus out for a spin.  We had a delicious grown up dinner, AND we attended a fun charity event where I got to serve as a fashion show judge.  WHO ARE WE EVEN??

All dressed up with somewhere to go!
 The fashion show was part of a fundraiser for the Madison Reading Project, an awesome local organization that ams to put linguistically diverse, culturally relevant books in the hands of Madison school kids.  The organization recently handed out their 100,000th book, and this year, they hope to donate 60,000 more to classrooms and individuals.  Their biggest push this year will put literally thousands of brand new books in classroom libraries at two targeted area schools, but they also serve the wider community with a book bus.  It's a seriously fantastic cause, and I am delighted to take part in it.

For the show, local businesses and partners entered literary-themed designs made entirely of paper! Models walked this incredible runway, then the crowd used an app to pick the top 3 designs.  From there, a panel of judges (including me!) got to vote for the winning design, and we bestowed an award for best use of paper.
 Rocking day two hair and some perhaps ill-advised illuminator on my forehead.
 This dress was one of two Narnia-inspired creations:
 This was GORG and made of doilies
 This is the look that won best use of paper-- This outfit looked like FABRIC, and the details were incredible.  Not only were the pants pockets lined in a coordinating print, but the model even wore paper earrings.
 Icarus with vintage wallpaper wings:
 A Victoria dress made of atlas pages!
 This local teacher and her students were wearing 1,000 paper cranes!  They were an exhibition act and couldn't win, but I think they were my favorite.
 The top 3 looks!
 The winner, covered in famous feminists.  All the heart eyes, for sure.
Such a fun night! I hope I can do it again next year.


  1. The atlas one is my favorite!

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