Saturday, February 29, 2020

A long week of nothing much

As you could tell form the approximately ZERO POSTS last week, it was a slow one around here.  

Ben got over the flu, and Jack missed a couple of days with a cough and a headache, and I wallowed in work deadlines and all of the house stuff.  Maybe drowned is a better word?  

Ben threw his back out and was completely out of commission a couple of weeks ago, meaning I had to do all of the things.  Then he got the flu and was SO FREAKING SICK, so more burden-- rightly-- fell on me.  BUT with these 2 things in a row, I am starting to really feel the squeeze at work.

I made a genius solution, though. I scheduled a meeting last week to set deadlines for an amorphous but really time-consuming project I am working on.  Then I made an appointment for the week after next to film videos.  This means I MUST write the scripts for these video lectures next week no excuses. Way to force myself to get the work done, huh?

I have also returned to inbox zero, meaning not only do I clear out all of my emails everyday, but I also do all of the things the emails are asking me to do everyday.  So many letters of rec written the day they're requested! That March 25 exam is COPIED AND READY TO GO.  It's shockingly awesome.

Other things I did last week: learned a new braid technique
 Disinfected the heck out of the living room when Ben felt better enough to leave the couch
 Looked at all of my favorite IG influencers selling spring break stuff and bought this coat:
 Dorothy was busy getting a head start on her school birthday by making this poster.  She worked really hard on it, as you can tell from the fact that every inch of the page is covered!
If you want to hear more about me being a pregnant old lady (AND WHY WOULDN'T YOU?), you can read my newest Madison Mom post right here.

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