Tuesday, February 18, 2020

ISO: Perfect gold hoop earrings

Join me, won't you, on my quest for gold hoop earrings.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but, you know, I'M PREGNANT (And currently barefoot. And also 41, but let's just leave age out of for a moment), so I have decided to spend my shopping dollars this year on jewelry, not clothes.  Mostly because I am a little bit in denial that I am going to un-lose those 20 pounds I finally shed and also because I want to invest in things I'll actually wear again once I have the baby.  Although, listen, I am going to be 42 when she is born.  I might just decide to spend the rest of my life in maternity leggings, and if I do, can you even blame me?

First up on my shopping list? Perfect gold hoop earrings. Like these from my new online retail obsession AUrate:
hoop earrings
I like the size and the classic shape, and I love that they are yellow gold, a hole in my jewelry wardrobe for sure.

I already have some white gold sparkly ones like these that Ben bought me to fill the jewelry box my mom and dad got me when I turned 40. I also have really huge (fake) gold hoop earrings like these that were an awesome stocking stuffer. My friend always hosts a Mother's Day jewelry party, where I have been able to snag these, but still, the plain gold hoop box goes unchecked.


trades of hope

OF COURSE, I always get distracted on my way to actually buy gold hoops.  Case in point: rose gold necklace INSTEAD of earrings I couldn't resist on the AUrate cite:

aurate necklace
 Look how delicate and pink it is!
AND! Unless I gain most of my pregnancy weight in my neck (please don't let me gain most of my pregnancy weight in my neck), I can wear this baby ATER the baby. Winning!

Ok, talk to me about must-haves for my old lady jewelry box.  What do you consider an accessory necessity?

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  1. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Gold hoops are a STAPLE in my everyday wardrobe, I seriously can never have enough!