Friday, September 27, 2019

Can I cram 9 New Year's Resolutions in the next 95 days?

Short answer: NO because some of them were ongoing goals, and I have already failed them.  Also, some of my resolutions just sucked.

Ok.  Here's what I am working with in terms of unmet goals:

1.  Print my pictures monthly.  I have printed zero pictures.
2. Do yoga everyday.  Oops.
3. Move or at least pain the basement and redecorate boys' bathroom.  I did buy a new shower curtain and hand towel, but other wise absolutely not.
4.  Watch all the Oscar movies before the Oscars.We didn't see Vice until after the fact.
5.  Record 24 POTY podcasts episodes.  We took that in another direction and quit.
6.  Work on my abs.  There were literally 3 days where I did sit ups.
7.  Get a puppy.  Whut.
8.  Take vitamins.  LOLOLOLOLOLOL.  But!  I have focused on healthy eating, especially over the last 5 months.
9.  Find perfect black heels.  I forgot about this one, but I sort of like it...

I made 19 resolutions and have kept 10 of them.  Still, nine outstanding resolutions really bugs me.  I am going to commit to doing #1 for sure, keeping my eyes peeled for #9, and working #2 and #6 into my weekly routine.
#3, #7-- those are nuts.
#8: I mean listen.  Are vitamins even good for me?
#4, #5: Those ships have sailed.

What about you?  Any resolutions that stuck around?


  1. You could totally move and get a puppy real quick!
    I forgot what an ambitious list you had! I’ve been trying to print pictures and I went WAY old school by ordering them to be printed at Walmart. It’s the only thing I’ve been able to consistently keep up on. I pop them in the old sleeve-style albums and Bam! Done! I’m on my second album already. They have an app that pulls pics straight from my phone. Might be worth a shot

  2. Isn’t there an app where it prints a 100 pictures for like $2.99 a month? I used to have it but don’t remember it’s name. I was very impressed with the quality of the prints. You get a little book in the mail of them. You can leave them in the booklet or they are perforated for easy removal.
    I’m sad the POTY podcast is over. I assumed you took the summer off so i listened to old episodes I missed.
    I’m still rooting for the puppy too. Beatrix will enjoy a buddy to cuddle with while their humans are gone all day.
    As for painting the basement, Harry & Jack are old enough that they could help Ben and knock that project out in a weekend.
    In hindsight I should have matched the order of my feedback to your resolutions but... oh well.