Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Fall family fun! And a new selfie obsession!

I got a new phone, and the kids and I have been taking near constant portrait mode selfies.  And!  Can I just say?  Nothing will make you question your desire to grow old gracefully despite spending every summer like a lizard drying out in the sun like a portrait mode selfie.  Woof!

Seriously though, we took a silly amount of selfies:

 I could not stop taking pictures of Dorothy, all dirty from school and apr├Ęs-school Oreos

Finally!  We had time to do some Traditional Family Fall Fun activities, mainly APPLE PICKING

 Dorothy could not stop making fun of my overalls.

 This is pretty much perfect.
Oh, I love Halloween so much. 

I replaced lat year's family beach pics with old Halloween shots:
And added a few other touches

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