Friday, August 26, 2016

Today is m last day of summer vacation!

How can that be?????

I have meetings M-W and F next week and then start my regular teaching and meeting schedule next Tuesday.  I am so looking forward to doing my hair and makeup and wearing pretty clothes again and having tim to write again, but I am so going to miss the kiddies and our super fun summer of awesome.  Basically, just cross apply all of the feelings I wrote about here.

Last night, I attended my fourth and final back to school night, and we are all sorts of acclimated and excited.  Dorothy saw me packing up a gallon Ziploc of extra clothes, socks, and undies for her classroom, and she said, 'Oh good.  I need those in case I poop my pants."

Yesterday, Ben had a break in his before-the-semester meeting schedule, and I went to work to box up last semester's junk for shredding and make room for the junk I will accumulate this semester, print my syllabus and course schedule, and assemble materials for my meeting marathon.  I was done by early afternoon, so I took myself to see Florence Foster Jenkins, and I totally loved it.  I'm not sure Ben would have, even though he basically loves Hugh Grant, so I am glad I went alone.  Also, I just really like going to movies on my own.

Before I left for work, Dorothy insisted I wear some old red platform shoes from Old Navy instead of the boring Birks I always wear:

I liked them so much I added lipstick to match and thought I should wear them more often. Then the strap broke on my way into the movies.  Which is why you should never buy shoes at Old Navy, I guess.

Also, my toes are painted with nude polish (and a top coat of sparkles) because I went to the pedicure place I always go to with a friend and my nail tech CUT THE SHIT out of my foots and then told me I must have come in like that, so I left without getting my nails done at all (obvi because SEPSIS) and had to cut, file and paint them at home LIKE A PEASANT.  In short, I am looking for a new nail salon.  As soon as my foot heals (obvi because SEPSIS).

We are planning to clean up the house from Jack's Bear Den sleepover (omfg) (and also during the sleepover, Ben and I watched The Boss with Harry, which was wildly inappropriate but pretty funny), go to the library, eat the rest of the quadruple batch of buttermilk pancakes I made for breakfast (the boy scouts woke up still full from pizza, cheeseballs, and candy-- go fig), get ice cream, and close down the pool because summer is slipping away!

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