Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Take My Kids to Work Day, Part 1 of 4

Every summer, I  take the big kids to work with me one day each.  But this summer, the little kids want to go, too.  I have 2 work days per week, so that means the next two weeks are going to be, erm, challenging.

Today, I took Jack.  He was radiantly happy about the whole thing.  He kept asking me if he could go to work with me and he asked me while I was talking to friends at the pool the other day, and I answered yes kind of absently, and he went running to Ben almost crying with joy about the whole thing.  It was very sweet.  He was very sweet all day, and I got tons of work done.  He was more than happy to watch Fuller House again and play games on my computer.

We had a delicious lunch at this new massive dining hall by my office that was perfect.  I am going to load up my ID with cash and start eating there because both of our lunches were only $12.

There was a small mishap when he tried to put a donut on his tray and dropped everything and shattered plates, but he rebounded quickly.  And the whole cafeteria was full of campers attending various sports and STEM camps and I had such nostalgia for my speech camp days.
 Then we took the traditional trip to the bookstore for swag.  Jack flipped the script, though, and got art supplies and a pencil box and promptly returned to my office and made me a sign.  (He actually wanted those markers last week when he and Harry and I ran to the bookstore to get a gift for a friend.  but Harry picked out a pricey Under Armour shirt and the markers were expensive and Jack also showed interest in a keychain with his name on it, so I urged him in that direction.  So of course when he still wanted them today, I was happy to oblige).
 Then he got back to work watching Netflix.
 We even had dinner because my boss called, and I ended p talking to him for 45 minutes as we were getting ready to leave.  But Jack didn't mind.
 We joined the rest of the fam at the pool where Ben was hard at work, literally.
 Dorothy conquered her fear of the diving board, and I spent over an hour treading water underneath it while she jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped again.
 Harry worked on his back flip.
 And Cooper worked on almost smashing his face on the edge of the board.

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  1. I'm always a teensy bit jealous of Take your kids to work, though I'm sure it's lovelier in theory. Those markers look awesome! Also, super impressed with your treading skills! Beast mode!