Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Take my kids to work, part 4/4

So, apparently, I have some sad feels about sending the kids back to school next week.  Read all about them here.

Instead of wallowing, I have decided to mark items off my to-do list as fast as I can.  So far 3/4 of them have new shoes; everyone is registered for school, and they all got hair cuts today.  I bought new cheapy lunch boxes for Dorothy and Cooper, who only eat lunch at preschool once in a blue moon, and I ordered replacement tiny dip containers and ice packs for the big kids' Planet Boxes.  I even ordered a new chalkboard to take my sacred first day of school pics. All that remains is to make sure all the boys have something cute to wear on the first day and find Harry some shoes that cost less than $150 because I am mean like that.

Yesterday, I took Cooper to work, completing just under the wire my promise to take everyone before summer ended.

Again, the cafeteria was a huge hit.  Cooper was thrilled that he could eat all of his favorite foods in the same meal (the salad was mine):

He watched Netflix while I did some administrative stuff for my class, and then we went shoes shopping.  A great day.

Harry flamed out last night, but Jack was up for Skip Bo.  God I love Skip Bo.
The fog was so beautiful this morning-- it looked like something I could just dive right into.
 Here are the little scruffies before their trims.
And after (they barely got any taken off):

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  1. I was in total denial about school starting. Hence why no one has new shoes and they're getting leftover meatballs for lunch tomorrow.