Monday, August 22, 2016

Another lovely summer weekend.

 I am working on making poop emoji cupcakes before anyone has a birthday-- these were a solid first attempt.  And the frosting was perfect because the secret to perfect frosting is espresso powder.  Just a pinch.
 I am going to miss the pool so much I can't stand it.
 I feel kind of stupid because the very last Friday of the damn summer (because Ben is working this Friday), I realized the trampoline park by us has $10 bouncing for 2 kids and a parent for 3 hours.  THREE HOURS?!  Dorothy and Cooper and I could have been doing this ALL SUMMER!

 It's hard to take cute pictures of your kids bouncing when you are also bouncing.
 I had to put dollars bills in the wind tunnel machine but WORTH IT, obvs.

 These foam blocks are so, so, so gross.  I am always scared of what surely lurks beneath them.

 Cooper LOVED the rock wall.  LOVED it.  And, you know he has a thing about socks-- meaning that he hates socks-- and he LOVES the special trampoline park socks and has worn them every time they have been clean since Friday which is everyday, of course, because I am amazing at the laundry.

 Then, as if the day wasn't already awesome, the shaved ice truck went down our street at the exact second the kids finished eating and started whining for dessert.
 Sunday was a crisp 70 degrees, so we went to this totally amazing stationary carnival in a neighboring town.  It's basically the best ever.
 Dorothy is generally scared of rides but she loved a moon bounce
 I was so sad she didn't want to go on the Tilt a Whirl because I love that one, although she did tell me this morning, apropos of nothing, that she wanted to try it next time.
 She finally warmed up to Kiddie Land

 Although her enthusiasm waned when the boys convinced her to go on the kiddie coaster, which she hated.  I didn't get a picture of her hatred, though, because I was laughing too hard.
 Harry and Jack hated the Ferris Wheel so badly that I had to tell the carnie to let them off, which he did by putting the whole wheel into warp speed until they spun around again.
 Strangely, they were totally cool with this rickety old thing:
 All smiles on a the world's oldest living wooden roller coaster

And on the kiddie coaster

Jack and Girl Jack on the fire trucks--they went pretty fast...

Cooper is a sucker for a slide with bags

Dinner was... a challenge.
 Finally solved the cube.
 These two and their overpriced candy bars.  I AM GOING TO MISS THEM SO MUCH.
 We totally lost Cooper the other day and were concerned.  Until we checked under Jack's covers.

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