Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Take my kids to work, part 3 of 4

I mean, this barely counts. It was definitely a work drive by. Dorothy is not exactly work-in-an-office material. She is, however, old enough to come into my office and see all of the pictures of Harry and Jack all over the walls and get offended. So. Oops. 
We literally parked in front of my building , which, interestingly (to me) replaced its cash meters with a parking meter app which means this is the first time in basically FORVER that I have paid the parking meter, and ran inside so I could sign my TA's final time sheet. Because my online class is OVER!!

Then we high tailed it out of there-- after comments that Dorothy is intense (she is) and had lunch at Panera, always a crowd pleaser. 
Dorothy ordered basically the whole menu, and I have always loved the strawberry salad. 
Next up:  SHOPPING. I offhandedly mentioned that Dorothty would need to go shopping for school clothes, and she decided today needed to be the day. Since I lost my favorite lipstick in the universe, I was game. 

Dorothy was seriously peeved when I wouldn't also buy her  a tube, but lucky for her, Boston Store's counter was out of my shade, so we had to go to Sephora, where I used my Beauty Insider points that I have been hoarding to snag her a cute tiny Marc Jacobs pink. 

My favorite stop on our trip was H&M and not just because their organic cotton dresses are 3 for $16 (and have no characters on them thank goodness). It was my favorite because Dorothy went nuts in the shoes and jewelry section, mainly because everything was wisely  displayed at her level. She also picked out a dress and headband at Gymbo and it is probably the last dress in the store I would have picked out. Because I have lost all control over her clothing. 

Here she is modeling most of her haul:

And then I left her with Ben and took all the boys to see Nine Lives which was of course AWFUL. 

Next up, I take Cooper to work. Yikes. 

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  1. I love the pink floral dress she's wearing. Is that the one she selected?
    I am disappointed to hear 9 Lives sucks. I saw the preview when I took my nephews to Secret Lives of Pets and thought it looked pretty funny. I was going to take them.