Sunday, August 14, 2016

A grown up overnight and a fun little weekend

On Wednesday, we loaded up both cars and headed to my parents' house to drop the kids off overnight (!).  This was big news for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I drove the Prius with harry in the back and an audio book blaring, and it was the first time I have driven on the interstate since I had kids.  What can I say?  I am an old lady.  Also, the trip was a big deal because it's the first time we have left all 4 kids overnight, I am pretty sure.

We eased into things with a ton of our favorite pizza in the world. 
Harry and Jack always sleep so cute in my brother's old room:
 We went to Chicago with friends to see a Cubs/Cards game.  It was super fun. Ben and I walked all the hell over Lincoln Park in 104-degree heat looking for a bar that was open at noon, but we were like 2 blocks off of most places and could only find an empty dive.  No matter, I had a bloody mary and Ben had beers, and we were hydrated enough to walk to lunch where we met our friends, and I had a grey hound.  After lunch, we went to MOAR bars before dragging our drunk, sweaty selves ot the game.
 The game that lasted for 11 unbearably hot innings.  I thought I was going to literally die.  Also, nothing is served after the 7th inning (duh), so we were all sober and hungry by the end of the game.  But!  The game got out at 11:30, and by the time things had cleared out in Wrigleyville (we waited in a bar, duh), it was after midnight.  When we finally made it back to our hotel, we eschewed the rooftop bar in favor of a 24-hour pancake house a few blocks away.  After spending 12 hours drinking (which?  Not something I am ever going to do again-- that's for college kids only), eggs and hash browns were the perfect answer.  And also sleep.  Lots of sleep.
 We stayed in the cutest hipster hotel EVER.
 My parents were happy to see us when we finally made it home the next afternoon.  We left early but were delayed by rain, found out my parents were taking the kids to see Pete's Dragon in the afternoon, stopped to see my high school BFF at her insurance agency, and stopped for a lovely grown up lunch.  Dinner was clearly kind of a mess (but really, really good):
 Dorothy was talking all day about that big white dress with the tiara, and I didn't know what she meant until I realized she discovered my wedding stuff in one of the closets upstairs. She wanted to try it on and casually mentioned that I should to.  So:
She wanted to bring it home and then suggested that I wear it next time I go to a wedding.  And she didn't even see it with crinolines underneath.
 I wasn't sure what Harry was so smiley about
 But then he revealed that sweet little Gizmo was snuggled under his blanket.
 Harry and I finished our book in the car on the way home Saturday, and we barely had time to recover from the previous 2 days before we ran downtown to meet friends for sushi.  Only the sushi place had a 2 HOUR WAIT?! IN MADISON?!  So we settled for fancy pizza.
 Jack surprised us all before breakfast:
 We promised the kids they could close down the pool tonight because it;s the last night the pool will be open until 8:45.

 But only the 3 boys and I made it to the end.  Dorothy and Ben had too many mosquito bits.

I am SO SAD that summer is almost over!


  1. You should totally wear that dress to the next wedding you go to!

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