Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wholesome Wholesomeness

Old man Harry likes to read the paper over his bacon and waffles.  Also, the kids were bummed that I made waffles for breakfast because they prefer pancakes.  Which?  SO DO I because pancakes are so much easier but I was trying to be extra awesome by making waffles.  Ugh.

 Harry and Cooper:  twinning.
 BIRTHDAY PARTY FAVORS because the big 0-8 happens THIS WEEKEND, and those kids are going to leave Jack's party with a pancreas-shocking amount of sugar in a Star Wars cup
 It was preschool pajama day, and Dorothy and Cooper burst into a made-up soung about the awesomeness of preschool pajama day, which basically went "pajama day is awesome," but they made eye contact while signing it "Time After Time" style.
 I got to help out in my favorite second grade today.  The kids are making tri-fold posters about insects.  I helped them spell check their work before tracing it in marker and look up fun facts about insects on Pebble Go on their class iPads.  Predictably, this was almost the cutest hour of my day.  I say almost because the hour after lunch where Dorothy and Cooper and I laid on the couch watching Max and Ruby and doing some reading while periodically and spontaneously saying I love you was pretty hard to be adorability-wise.
 Oh!  And then we played Frozen Surprise Slides which was also pretty cute,  This game is a Candy Land/Shoots and Ladders mash-up only there is not moral lesson behind the slides, and you can't stack the cards to let the kids win and make the game be over fast because there are no cards.  Cooper's win was a real win (helped by Dorothy's insistence that she only land on purple squares even though snowflake squares are where it's AT in this game and by my terrible luck with the spinner).
 Around 4, Dorothy told me she was tired and put herself down for a nap.
After 4, I had to pick Jack up from the tutor, meet Ben at little league practice, drop Harry off and then take everyone back home to get his cleats as soon as possible so he didn't completely ruin the brand new shoes he was wearing, drop Jack, Cooper, and the cleats back off at the baseball field, take Dorothy through the drive through to get terrible food for the children to eat for dinner, supervise the 3 little kids eating while Ben helped harry's team, take Jack home to change his wood-chip encrusted pants before gymnastics, drop off some library books, and swing by the grocery store because a certain-almost-eight-year-old told me at like 5:30 that he wants to bring his birthday treat (brownies) to school tomorrow, not Monday (birthday is Saturday; no school on Friday).

So if you need me, I'll be baking, powdered sugaring, cooling, cutting, bagging, and beribboning a couple dozen brownies.  And maybe watching Girls.  (We just started this season last night because we are so behind the times, but Marnie's wedding?  Adorable.)

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