Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Weekend in pictures

I was obviously crabby as hell yesterday, but really, we had a fantastic weekend.

 We hung out with friends Friday night and kept the kids up until almost midnight

 Which had some repercussions in the form of super crabby kids for the rest of the weekend but was fun while it lasted.

Dorothy had her first ballet class on Saturday morning, and she loved it and she was so damn cute I almost ate her.

 And the big kids' school hosted a naturalist who took people on a bird walk at a local park at 8 in the morning.  When it was about 12 degrees and windy.  The three boys and I got donuts and coffee/hot chocolate and were total troopers, but we froze our toes off.  And then Harry had a 90-minute baseball practice.  Brrr.
That night, Ben and I went out with a big group of friends to the little kids' preschool fundraiser.  We had a huge steak dinner, got way too drunk and bid on tons of silent auction items (I bought movie nights at school for Dorothy and Cooper, a gift basket stuffed full of gift cards, an in-home wine tasting, and class passes for local dance studios for Dorothy.)  Then we came home and took ridiculous selfies in the kitchen.

Jack didn't feel very well on Sunday night, and we feared he was going to barf.  But no!  He didn't!  Thank goodness!
 Remember my marathon day of errands yesterday?  Here were Dorothy and Cooper so sweet with their smoothies while I unloaded groceries and called the pediatrician about Dorothy's rapid onset ear infection.
OK.  Back to work.  I have recently started writing for my local city mom's blog, and we have head shots tonight, and I have a million things to get done before that.

Also!  I am in my city's production of Listen to Your Mother, reading something from this very blog!!  So exciting!!

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  1. Rock on with your bad self! Love the drunk selfies too :)