Thursday, April 07, 2016

7 Year Itch

Today, Facebook reminded me that 7 years ago today I sent my completed dissertation to my committee and breathed a sigh of relief, enjoying 2 weeks with nothing to do while they read it and prepared to torture me at my defense.

I read all the comments that appeared on my braggy post-- a picture of my dissertation with its regulation pretentious title page and felt a wave of nostalgia.  But then, of course, I felt terrible for pretty much never touching my dissertation again in the last 2500 days.

I did remember to pull out the pretty diamond necklace my parents got me for graduation, though, which looks great with some cool Anthro earrings Ben bought me for Chrismukkah, so that was a silver lining.

Do I want to do something with my dissertation?  Do I just want to want to?  Gah,

Dorothy and Cooper have become best best best friends.  The just play and play and play all day long, which is relaxing and lovely and lets us get SO much work done.  This is a wonderful phenomenon.
 Apparently Jack wore jeggings to school.
 The kids' school had a fundraiser at Dairy Queen, and it was fuh-reezing, but the kids didn't mind.
 BEACH DAY at preschool.

 This was the result of my Whole Foods run on the way home from work-- I had to pick up a few things to compliment the tacos Ben made.


  1. That might be the perfect grocery cart!

  2. Half the time I don't even remember what my dissertation was about, and I spent two solid months transcribing qualitative data. On the other hand, I still wish I'd published my thesis when it was relevant.
    Maybe not the most helpful comment...