Sunday, April 03, 2016


They ate my life.  I STILL have 9 to go and half of 35 essay exams to grade (like, I graded the first 50 points on all of them, and I have 50 points to go) by TUESDAY.  I also have to grade for my adjunct class.  Oh!  And!  Between now and when my class meets on Tuesday, I have approximately zero ZERO work minutes.  So, I am just a tiny bit stressed.

Also!  We were so drunk and tired last night when we went to bed.  I fell asleep with a heating pad on the back of my skull trying to loosen my heinous headache.  And then Dorothy woke up 3 hours after we went to bed from a bad dream and "slept" with me for the rest of the night only NO ONE SLEPT.  It was BRUTAL.  Also really good birth control literally and figuratively.

But.  Anyway. I have pictures of April.  And also the end of March.

Dorothy got a pedicure:

 I tried this foot mask.  My feet have not started to molt yet, but I am told that they will.
 One of Cooper's classmates is moving to Texas, so the class made him a farewell book, and Cooper was beyond thrilled to have HOMEWORK TO DO just like the big boys.
 Baseball season started!  Harry and Jack are both playing Little League for the first time, and it's a lot of scheduling so far.
 But we get to explore new parks, so that's a perk.

 I was giddy with delight at the kids going back to school, so I stripped everybody's sheets which was SO STUPID because there are not enough hours in the day to launder everyone's bedding.  Gah.  But Beatrix didn't mind.
 Dorothy and Cooper and I went to our favorite library to trash the place and read in the castle.

 I was running SO LATE for work I didn't even have 5 minutes to put on makeup because I needed to give a midterm exam.
 I rectified that as soon as I got my students started and ran to my office.  Phew.
 This is where I spent my entire Thursday.  I barely logged any steps ALL DAY because of the grading.
 I rushed from the office to meet the rest of the gan at Harry's freezing baseball practice

 CRAZY HAIR DAY at school, and my bathroom is STILL covered with hot pink hair spray droplets.
 We both wore hearts, so Cooper commemorated the occasion:

 Ben took Jack and Cooper to sleep over on a submarine for Boy Scouts, so Harry and I put Dorothy to bed and watched Daddy's Home with some nutritious snacks:
 And it freaking SNOWED.
 We closed out last night watching basketball at a friend's house, hence the drunk late bedtime.  I just feel so contented lately-- I almost cried watching Dorothy play Spot It because she was so serious and adorable.
Okay.  Back to grading and scrubbing toilets.  So, so glam.

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  1. I feel like the grading is the one part of teaching that I totally phone in, which may actually make me a pretty crappy professor. So, good for you for not giving in to pencil whipping!
    I love those moments of being content to tears. Its pretty awesome :)