Monday, July 27, 2015

Ugh. Packing.

Packing is THE WORST.  I just bought all of the things at Target except my favorite sunscreen (for me-- I buy rainbow unicorn sunscreen for the children from the Whole Foods) and a back of boxers for Harry and Jack because as long as we are driving (I hate airplanes EVEN MORE than I hate 20 hours in the car with my children),  I am bringing enough stuff to last the whole 2 weeks with no laundry.  Ha!

Ben set up tables in the upstairs and downstairs hallways so we have room to stage the kids' clothes. LOL.  Except we're dead serious.  We are packing a way there bag, a Disney bag, several Hilton Head bags, and a way home bag.  The way home bag has multiple contingencies because our route is completely weather-dependent.  I want to hit up our old grad school stomping grounds in Oxford, Ohio, and Muncie, Indiana, and Ben wants a stopover in the Smoky Mountains, so we need a few leftover picture-worthy outfits.

I decided that 5 swimsuits was NOT enough, naturally.

Harry stumbled into a BOGO James Patterson book event at Barnes and Noble.

I decided to give the kids a little wrapped up dollar store gift every time we cross a state line (10 states lines.  4 kids.  That's a lot of wrapping).

We need a Costco infusion of car snacks.

I downloaded ALL OF THE APPS for our new iPads which I swear to god will be identically loaded to prevent fighting flare ups.

Consumption, FTW!

The kids are practicing their screen time, and they're doing a GREAT JOB.

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  1. Kim s8:05 AM

    Let me know if you make it to Muncie!! My girls start school Thursday, but Andrew and I could either be up for a road trip or you could detour to my house on the way out of Indiana for swimming?