Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Catch up-- again!

The funny thing is that at the beginning of the month, I was totally going to NaBloPpMo July.  And then.

I have shared most of my life on FB over the past week, but how about a little recap?

Took Dorothy to the library on the way to Jack's baseball game and discovered she's a puzzle whiz.  WHO KNEW #MOTY
 Took the all the kids to the store and bought a horrible cartload of horrible junk
 And bought them Lotto tickets.
 After being scared of the diving board for 7 years of his life, Jack finally jumped off a week ago Sunday.  Ad he's already doing back flips.

 After going out with girlfriends for sushi on Tuesday, Ben and I went out for sushi on Thursday.  I think I might be addicted to sushi.
We had a movie night with the boys on Friday and watched Armageddon and now Jack is a nihilist.

 We went to Peoria for the weekend to throw a 50th surprise party for our friend Dan.
 The kids got to see baby Henry!
 And help us decorate the room.
 We stayed in a hotel and got dressed up all fancy
 And then I got blackout drunk and spent the hours of 10:30-1:30 puking everywhere.  SO DREAMY.
 The next morning, we hit up the Bradley campus with the kids.

 And brunched at our old favorite place.

 And now, poor Dorothy has an ear infection and a 10-3-degree fever that won't quit and she is very sad.
 And Cooper is trashing the place.
Summer is starting to bore me, you guys.  Good thing we go on vacation in 2 weeks!!!!

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