Saturday, July 25, 2015

Splash Pad

Yesterday the big boys and I slathered ourselves with sunscreen and tiptoed outside, leaving Cooper cluelessly downstairs with Ben and Dorothy happily napping in her crib.  We sneak out to the pool like this about 3 days a week, and our evil plan usually goes off without a hitch.  I lie in the sun and read.  Jack does back flips off the diving board; Harry plays pickle during adult swim and football in the pool the rest of the time.  I sometimes have a beer.  The boys eat candy bars or cheese curds.  We come home to whatever lovely dinner Ben has prepared us.  Sure, Dorothy and Cooper are kind of pissy about the whole thing when they see us in our swim suits, but they are easy to trick the next day, so it's a win-win.  I am like ridiculously tan from all the time I spend immobile in a lounge chair with a book.  I have read like 12 books this month.


Anyway, we got all sunscreened up (I wear SO MUCH SUNSCREEN but am still so tan) and made it to the pool at the exact moment it was closing for a dive meet.  D'oh.

Since I really just wanted to sit in peace and read my book, we headed to a splash park in a neighboring town.  I didn't really have high hopes because I took the babies to this very splash park a few weeks ago, and they were totally bored.

But Harry and Jack LOVED it.  They cavorted and splashed and laughed and had the kind of time that makes me remember they are only little kids themselves.

And that's it.  We've been doing not a whole hell of a lot lately.

Last weekend we took Harry to the Brett Favre Legends Game, and it was cute.  All the oldsters seemed to be having a helluva good time playing flag football.  Harry liked it so much he got a Packers shirt which flies in the face of his Bears fandom.
We are leaving for vacation soon (Disney again, natch, followed by Hilton Head), and we are just about in that neurotic packing phase.  I am currently obsessed with the number of pajamas each person has and wondering if 5 swimsuits can get me through 10 days (shut up).  Look forward to lots of exciting updates about cute little Aveda travel sized products and quantities of rash guards.  I KNOW.

We went to St. Charles to take Ben's dad out for his birthday (that we'll miss while we're on vacay).  Before we left, Ben took the little kids to a birthday party and Harry, Jack, and I went out to lunch and to the library to get vacation reads.  It was so lovely and relaxing-- a glimpse into my future, perhaps?

And I almost forgot!  Jack got an adorable haircut:

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