Tuesday, September 24, 2013

That Baby

Our friend Jenn made this awesome bonnet-- how great is it?? I love my little Holly Hobby baby
I always make fun of Ben when he gets dressed and then dresses the boys in the exact same clothes he's wearing.  he always says it is not on purpose, and I always roll my eyes in disbelief.  Then I dressed Dorothy in her leopard print skinny jeans, took a shower, and dressed my damn self in leopard print skinny jeans.  Not on purpose.  Subconscious, maybe.
She spent most of Harry's soccer game nursing, and she kicked off her socks even though it was totally freezing.  I love her little crossed ankles.
Cooper thought tree climbing was hysterical.
Ben and Harry hit up the third football game of the season and scored an awesome autograph on their way in.
Dorothy is a helluva driver.

And!  She LOVES squash.

But holy shit you guys.  She is the worst sleeper I have ever given birth to.  She wakes up 5 times a night some nights.  WTAF?  I got the Sleep Lady's book from my library, and with her gentle sleep advice was able to finally help Dorothy organize her naps. (THANK GOD-- and they are not even good naps everyday but I don't care because it is so wonderful to have a little tiny bit of predictability).  But I am not ready to sort out nighttime sleeping because when she wakes up in the middle of the night, I am so freaking tired, all I want to do is feed her real quick and stumble back to bed.  HOLY SHIT it sucks when babies don't sleep.

I know that I either need to resign myself to this or figure out how to phase out night wakings, but right now I just want to complain for a minute because I only sleep in 90-minute chunks, and I kind of need to be sleeping longer than that, you know?

You know what else she is?  ALMOST A DAMN CRAWLER.  I think if she could sit up by herself better she would be full on crawling because she can get to a sitting position from lying down-- a sure prerequisite to crawling-- but she doesn't have enough core strength to stay there.  She is a darn good scooter, though, and occasionally, she gets up on all 4s and crawls a tiny bit before collapsing flat and reverting to slithering.

That baby.  She's lovely.


  1. SO cute!! Not the sleeping part, obviously.

  2. SO cute!! Not the sleeping part, obviously.

  3. The pictures are so cute that all I think upon reading this is "I can't wait to meet my little girl!" Not even the sleep stuff can put a damper on leopard skinnies and tiny toes.

  4. We call Vivian That Baby. She is also the worst sleeper I have ever birthed. I'm resigning myself to two years of this, because I really think a lot of it is teething, because the other alternative is that she just enjoys screwing with me.