Monday, September 30, 2013

September was hard you guys!

September has kind of sucked you guys.  I kept thinking that I was going to get my shit together and be able to do things like read books and blog and sleep and work on my online class, but, alas.  It never happened.  Here's to getting shit done in October, right?

You know what I have done a lot of?  Baking.  With whole pumpkins.  And tons of chocolate chips

Also, I lost my 10th pound.

Made a  ton of babyfood.

Packed many bento lunches.

Figured out how to work in 2-hour increments so I could feed my fat little baby on demand and not have to pump.

But didn't get very much done.

Pictures?  Well, ok, sure.

Dorothy is mobile:
 My brother Jon cam to visit from New Jersey, and we had so much fun even though Cooper got horribly sick and had to see the pediatrician twice in 3 days (He hijacked Dorothy's 6-month well-baby visit on Wednesday morning, scored an urgent visit of his own that afternoon and was so sick that the doctor's office called us and asked us to bring him in again on Thursday morning-- neither of them slept for 4 days but things are slowly creeping back to normal although niormal for Dorothy is actually horrible).
 Pioneer baby picks apples
Nice apple smile, Harry
 The boys loved seeing their uncle
 I love this picture
 This was so cute but then Dorothy's leg got stuck under there and now she has a little cut on her heel.
 Ben and I hosted a fundraiser for the PTO on Saturday.  I really put my meager bubble letter skillz to the test, and Ben did um EVERYTHING ELSE-- he's really good at running fundraisers it turns out.
 But it was all for the kids, and the kids LOVED IT.  Harry ran 3 miles!

See you tomorrow when I tell you how few books I read in September (it really was kind of a mess of a month).


  1. My September was hard too. Here's to a more well rounded October!
    How are you baking AND losing weight?!

  2. Anonymous7:25 PM

    our first was like that and we sleep trained when he was 6 months old (or rather my husband sleep trained while i stayed with friends). it sucked. but only for 2 nights, then he slept 12 hours a night without wakeup. all of us were happier. in retrospect, it was the right decision, though I worried about it sooo much before going through with it.