Thursday, July 04, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: WTF Edition

You guys!

I dieted and exercised and ate SO MANY VEGGIES and didn't eat SO MANY SWEETS and worked out 3 times more than usual, and I lost .5 pounds.  A HALF A POUND?!

Not cool.  Not cool at all.

I was thinking no big deal, I'll give it another week and then maybe just wait until I am done nursing.  Then Ben took some pictures of me with a sparkler tonight and I almost cried when I saw them because I am so fat.  So, I am committing to the weight loss.  But a HALF A POUND?!  WTF?

Also WTF, the order that Blogger uploaded these pictures.

 Family picture!  Baby obscured by bow.  It happens.
 Jack went to the dentist and got the all clear.  I went the next day and have a cavity in my damn wisdom tooth.  Damn it.  (Also, holy shit, Ben had to teach, and I took Jack, Cooper and Dorothy to the dentist-- H was at Lego class-- that was an adventure, but not as bad as the time Harry shit his pants while I was in the chair)
 We celebrated Jack's perfect teeth with fro yo topped with candy, natch.  (Only 40 calories an ounce!)
 Ben cleaned out the laundry room the other day and sorted through the baskets of school projects we keep until we are not feeling sentimental then we chuck them and filled the rest of the toy room frames with Harry and Jack's art.  I love it.
 Dorothy is such a big girl that she has started enjoying her excersaucer.
 They play so nicely in there.  It is so much easier to deal with the children in the basement.  For some reason I always forget that and tend to stay upstairs with them.  But then I haul everyone and all of our peripherals downstairs and it's SO MUCH BETTER.
 Pool days.
 All I waned today was a good shot of 4 kids.  Sort of got it.
 This outfit had more pieces-- like a shirt and bloomers-- but why gild the lily?
 Not a huge fan of the bow.
 What's cuter than a baby eating watermelon?
 A baby eating an ice cream cone.
 Jack had a rough day.  He was horrified to discover that his first generation iPad doesn't take video, and he COULDN'T FIND HIS iPOD!  And then he found Harry's iPod and waited all day for it to charge and discovered that the camera function is not working.  Poor Jack.
 Girl babies.  Even their diapers are adorable.
 Ben replaced our grubby shoe baskets with these shelves and now our laundry room looks like a Goodwill shoe department.  I love it.
All right, damn it.  I am going to sit around NOT eating.  Fun times.


  1. Sorry about the .5. That really sucks. FWIW, you look great in the family picture! I love Dorothy's pool-wear, and I'm super jealous of your toy room.

  2. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Hang in there. I remember when I first started to try to lose 50 lbs. For three months, all I lost was 3 lbs.! I was SO frustrated, but I kept at it. The following month, I was down another 8 lbs. I think it takes some time to get the metabolism going, then once it does, it gets easier.

  3. Girl - I feel your pain!!! I'll have a great week where I've done everything right, and the scale barely moves. Or I'll have a week I eat smores for lunch every single day and I lose a pound. It's one great big mind-fuck.

    But stick with it, because somehow it all adds up to a smaller you.

    PS - Funny story - when I was really little, I thought people lost weight by emptying air out of their belly button. I didn't understand why my mum let me get too big for clothes, I mean, couldn't she just let a little air out of my belly button? Oh, how I wish it really worked that way!

  4. Being 35 is bullshit- I'm failing miserably on losing weight too, although not doing too badly at eating right. But if I'm going to be fat regardless, I'd rather be fat and eating cake. Besides, I'm the only one in the family who takes pictures so I can hide :-)

  5. Ugh; bodies.

    Although, I must say you're winning in the family picture :).

    Have you considered getting a fitbit? It logs your daily sleep and steps and with four kids, it'll be nice for you to see that you're actually walking the equivalent of five miles or whatever daily just by going about your life...