Thursday, July 25, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In and the Zoo

I lost another pound!  On the one hand YAY!  On the other, holy shit.  1 pound a week?  This is going to take WEEKS AND WEEKS.  4.1 pounds down. 22.9 to go... (I shaved another 50 calories off my daily total-- maybe that will help?)

We went to the zoo today and met up with Amy and Ben's mom and sister-- SO! MUCH! ZOO! FUN!

The children did not sleep AT ALL on the way home, meaning Cooper was napless.  He screamed most of the way.  Dory joined him for the last 35 minutes.  SO RELAXING.

In other news this week:

The other day, Cooper styled his hair with Vaseline (he was trying to be just like Harry who uses putty on his hair-- OF COURSE HE DOES), and 3 washes in, he's finally starting to look okay.  He was so dirty today and so full of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that we kept feeding him to keep him in the wagon.

Harry's effusion was gone on Monday, so the cardiologist took him off the 14 mL of Ibuprofen he was taking 3 times a day (that's a shit load of Ibuprofen), and she is checking him tomorrow to see if it's still gone.

Dory had her 4 month check up on Wednesday.  She has a big head and weighs 13 pounds 9.5 ounces, and she can transfer objects from hand-to-hand like a 6 month-old.  The pediatrician said he was glad I expressed my concern about Harry's relapse because he didn't think I was concerned at all when Harry was in the hospital. WTAF??

At the grocery store this week, Jack ate a bunch of shaved ice in the guacamole case, and he stuck his fingers in the freezer and ate bagel crumbs.  We expect him to come down with something any moment.


  1. That may be enough for me to find a new pediatrician. Really? Does he not realize you were trying to stay calm so the sweet, ill little one did not FREAK OUT?

  2. Anonymous7:58 AM

    I am coming out of hiding to make a comment here. :)

    I wanted to say that losing one pound a week is very reasonable and healthy. Any more than that may not be sustainable. So, keep on doing what you are doing - it is totally working the way it is supposed to.

  3. Love that you and Amy got to hang out! I was just thinking of how much fun we had on our road trip last summer.

    Great pics! Weird pediatrician comment!

  4. ummm yankees? I've been here like 5 years and can't make that plunge. you're taking them down a dangerous road. what is next? rangers jerseys? boy scouts? rat tails?