Tuesday, February 05, 2013


  • In the background, I am watching the best documentary on the Pill.  It's called, um, The Pill.  I initially wanted to show it in class for Margaret Sanger day (one of 2 Margaret Sanger days), and I think I will, but it is even MORE interesting than I thought.  It makes me want to go across the street to the Historical Society and delve into the papers of Katherine McCormick.  Did you know she used her McCormick reaper fortune to buy Gregory Pincus?  Gave him a check for $40,000 to start making the Pill-- and her papers are in our Historical Society because of the reaper fame. She and Sanger were old feminist buddies. So cool.

  • My office is a mess of paper piles, and it makes me a little nervous, even though I know exactly where everything is.

  • Went to the OB yesterday.  Gained 6 pounds in 6 weeks, meaning I am up to 27 pounds in 34 weeks and have surpassed my highest weight ever by 6 pounds.  Awesome.  (That's a sarcastic awesome, by the way).

  • The kids have been cute lately.

School dance-- it had a pajama theme, and these are the only pictures I thought to take because I volunteered in the kitchen all night long because 3 separate kids puked in 3 separate spots, and I figured the kitchen was the safest place to be.

Not sure how he ended up on the floor.  Jack had a black eye the next day because he kept throwing himself face first on the dance floor and sliding.

Cooper insits on drinking from an open cup.

Going to school in the morning is brutal in the sub-zero weather.  Cooper hates getting bundled up.

Yep.  It's a hat, not a cereal bowl.


  1. Anonymous9:07 PM

    LOVE that going to school picture. It is very "A Christmas Story."

  2. That BookBook makes me want to get a MacBook Pro now. Did you go with the brown or red choice? It's so awesome!