Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines day!

I love Vday.

Harry is writing a story tomorrow in writer's workshop about all of the heart-shaped food he consumed.  He is organizing it chronologically starting with the toast and cookie he had at breakfast, then the pb&j and strawberries in his lunch, followed by the cookie he had at his class party, and topped off with the heart-shaped meatloaf Ben made for dinner.

Next year, he would like everything shaped like real hearts, not love hearts.  Erm.

Ben sent me a dozen gorgeous long stem roses to my office last week because he was a jerk, and I was hormonal, and they died yesterday on our kitchen island, but the garbage man didn't come for some reason, so I left them there because our trash was bulging.  This morning Harry said, "I think dead roses are even more beautiful than alive ones."  Emo?

Jack loves to go into the baby's room and try on her things.
 Cooper is a monster.  To get through grocery store #2 on Sundays, he needs a donut.
 Harry and Jack assembled their Vday goody bags on Sunday night.  It was quite the process-- I would not hire them to work on an assembly line.
 Harry wanted a new blazer and fancy shirt.  Mission accomplished.
 Cooper has recently discovered his love of crayons.
 He is very serious about them.
 And they taste delicious.
 I decided to be a MOTY for real this year for Vday-- I made cookies for Jack's class and cookie decorating kits for Harry's.  Organic cookies and organic frosting dyed with beet juice (and decorated with tons of HFCS and other chemical crap-- oops).
 This was my kitchen at 11:00 last night-- being a MOTY is hard work.
 Cooper had a yogurt incident at hockey last night
 Jack on Vday morning
 Cooper happy to see candy first thing in the AM
 Harry, very methodical.
 A cookie for breakfast?  You bet.
 Somebody lost another tooth
 The finished product at Harry's first grade party.  Totally healthy, right?
 As an added bonus, it was the 100th day of school today.  When I stopped in to drop off the cookie stuff on my way to the OB so the teacher could set it up while the kids were in art class, the kids were LOSING THEIR MINDS.  What a day to be a first grade teacher (the woman is a saint).


  1. Holidays are so much fun right now!! Cookies for breakfast are the best.

  2. OMG. You are totally MOTY. My kids each got the $1 box of chocolates and then I sent Eli to school with store bought Valentines. Luckily none of these parents were around for last year's pinterest-inspired creations!
    Harry cracks me up with his little-man style and goth tendencies :)