Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our afternoons

Today, Ben surprised Harry and Jack with a trip to the circus after hockey. Cooper and I abstained because I think circuses are gross, trashy (but in a sort of fabulous way) and horribly unethical-- do you think that elephant wants to stand on that ball?

The circus was, (is, actually, because they are still not home, and Coop and I are enjoying some quiet playtime) of course, right up H and J's gross, trashy, unethical alley.

Here are the pictures and accompanying captions Ben texted me throughout the show:

"Jack during the national anthem"

"They R so happy"
And, a little later:
"The kids r so fucking sticky"
During intermission, I got this picture and these texts:

"They have elephant rides and shit at intermission"
"The kids are really bothered because I said no to things like light up things and things like not going on the dirty elephants"
And, my favorite, "They just announced that a kid is lost and Harry said see that's why we didn't go down there.  That could be me."

"That's a guy flying out of a cannon"
While that nonsense was happening, Cooper and I went shopping for some crucial baby items:
A baby bag:  (I have been carrying my white Coach Lindsey bag-- not big enough, also, white-- or my giant LV Never Full tote-- too nice for the rigors of (literal) baby shit and already kind of stained inside from (figurative) big kid shit).  I almost bought the Gucci diaper bag I have been dying for forever, and then its exorbitant price tag made me thing Coach baby bags are pretty cheap, but in the end, I went with the old standby Vera Bradley.  It's washable!
 A baby book:  (I might not ever turn my dissertation into a book, but damnit, all 4 of my kids will have complete baby books)
 And a Sleep Sheep: (Cooper took out the noise machine inside the sheep and hid it-- it was really hard to find).

 He also threw the baby's clothes out of her crib and tried to climb in:

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  1. An afternoon with one kid is so easy it makes me seem like kind of an idiot for how hard I thought it was five years ago.