Friday, February 22, 2013

Nesting and Shopping

I cleaned out my closet and all my dresser drawers last night-- 3 bags of clothes/shoes/boots to donate and random garbage bag of trash-- ripped socks, broken hangers, receipts-- stuff that should not have been taking up space in my dresser.  It was SO fun that I know I was nesting.

I also cleaned out my maternity clothes and threw all the ones I never want to see again in a donation bag.  I am looking right now at what I have left, and I think I may have been over zealous.  If I am still pregnant for another month, I will have to do a lot of mixing and matching to avoid repeats.  (Although I have been wearing the same 2 H&M striped tunics with leggins-- I got 2 pairs of Motherhood leggings back in October, and I have been wearing them nearly everyday ever since, and they are only just now starting to show signs of wear.  Best $40 I have ever spent-- every weekend for 3 months.  And the tunics aren't maternity, so I can keep on wearing them.  Phew!)

I never really lost my baby weight from Cooper (which is why I have achieved my heaviest weight EVER and still have 3 weeks to go!), so I have some fat jeans that might fit soonish.  In the meantime, I have a newly purchased large and stretchy wardrobe from Old Navy (I love super cash-- I bought so much stuff over Christmas that it's like this stuff was FREE -- or that's how I explained it to Ben!) and Target (the Target debit card SEEMED like a good idea, but I think it makes me consume MOAR Target).  This is how I will be making postpartum magic happen:

  • 2 giant tank tops
  • 5 giant t-shirts
  • 3 big-ass pairs of yoga pants (2 black, one gray)
  • 2 very big hoodies
  • 2 huge pairs of leggings
  • 2 black and white striped tunics
  • 1 oversized black and white striped sweater that I hope will look cute off the shoulder with yoga pants and TOMS and maybe one of the aforementioned giant tank tops
  • 1 gray and white polka-dot shirt dress that can go with tights and boots or leggings
  • 1 enormous red polka dot wrap dress that was on clearance for $6 at Old Navy and will hopefully be cute with a nursing tank under it
  • Some nursing tanks
I also bought toiletries for my hospital bag and all the postpartum feminine hygiene supplies I can imagine needing, as well as giant underpants and an assortment of really hot beige nursing bras.  The 17 year-old checker at Target was totally traumatized handling my purchases.

I have to conduct a meeting on April 22nd and hear student presentations on April 25, so I need to at least have on clean yoga pants, right?  I am setting bar low, so I don't disappoint myself.  And whatever I wear needs to match my Moby wrap and the baby I will hopefully be sporting. (But don't cry for me Argentina because the proposal I was working on in December got funded, and I have a course release in the fall to work on an exciting new project, so once class ends on May 10, I will be out of the classroom until after MLK Day 2014.)

I swear, though, that I am totally done shopping for the baby now.  I bought a completely essential rag doll from Pottery Barn Kids yesterday, so that crucial item is off the list.  Phew!


  1. Everything is in place! No class time is a total score.

  2. So smart to plan out your post-baby clothes!

  3. I love how organized you are. Nesting should be a monthly phenomenon associated with our periods, not just something that happens at the end of pregnancy--think of how neat & organized we could all be!

    And if you've got to buy giant underwear and nursing bras and assorted feminine hygiene required post-partum, you should at least get the chuckle that comes along w/ horrifying the kid at the check-out line.