Thursday, September 20, 2012

Might as well look good

Remember a couple of years ago when my postpartum anxiety got the best of me, and I freaked out about chemicals in beauty products?  Well, I have relaxed my stance because my aging face needs more help than this natural bullshit can offer.  Seriously, I have been observing classes this week, and I feel-- with my SPF a million all over my craggy face and neck-- like the evil stepmother drowning in a sea of Snow Whites.

For the record, the kids and I still only use California Baby body wash and lotions (Ben, too, I think, but he pretends not to).  I still use a non toxic tinted moisturizer (Tarte Smooth Operator-- it's freaking awesome), but the rest of my products are trending toward hazardous.

 A couple months ago, I started using Ben's Degree deodorant because the Toms of Maine was just not cutting it.  The other day, I actually bought my own Degree stick.  But I am still keeping it in Ben's drawer because it makes me feel better that way.

I am not washing my hair as often (2 or maybe 3 times a week), so I don't feel as terrible about the toxicity of my Kerastase product regiment or my Aveda shampoos (that stuff pretends to be natural, but read the label-- chemical city, lovely hair-smoothing, shine-boosting chemical city).  I was using some Dr. Somebody's mascara from Whole Foods, but it was smeary and awful (because it lacked coal!  and heavy metal!  near my eyes!), so I switched to a --gasp-- drug store brand that was supposed to not kill me.  It, too, was dreadful.  I spent the summer in Sephora brand waterproof because I lived at the pool, but everyone knows that waterproof mascaras are hideous.  Long story short, I am back in Laura Mercier, and I look about 65 times more awake.  I also added back in my Benefit Eye Bright stick, Laura Mercier poison lipstick, and a bunch of other chemical goodies.  Because I am 34 and not fucking around anymore.

The whole point of this ramble is this:  Rice is killing us and plastics are disrupting our hormones and making us fat.  So, don't worry too much about your makeup because poison is all around us.  Duh.  I mean, OF COURSE obesity is not about bad choices.  OF COURSE horrible behavior disorders plaguing our kids are not caused by a one-shot vaccine.  OF COURSE of course of course plastics are bad for us; GMO foods are bad for us; conventional farming techniques are killing us.


And we should probably exercise.


  1. Tripod8:35 AM

    Jack looks good on the elliptical!

  2. Kim S9:23 AM

    Because I am 34 and not fucking around anymore.

    Heard that! :) This line made me laugh out loud. I am right there with you - yet I am staring at 35 in a couple short months.

  3. Exactly! And WTF? brown rice being more toxic than white? We seriously just can't win. I'm going to McDonalds.

  4. I've been living on Starbucks and wine primarily, so I just don't worry about what's in the food. And I will vouch for 34 not fucking around- I swear I look older than Brett and he just turned 40. So not fair! By my under eye concealer application has reached expert level.