Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cooper's party

I am ridiculously proud of myself right now because I just finished Cooper's baby book. 2 days after the first birthday of my third child, and the baby book is totally written in and completely glue sticked up with pictures and mementos of Cooper's first year.  I even remembered to take his picture with his cute little monthly onesie sticker 11 out of 12 months!  (We forgot the very last one, but we took a ton of pictures of his big day, as you can see).

So, I may be slacking on the blog front, but I finished Cooper's baby book and started a "Dear baby" journal for Baby #4-- go me!

We had Cooper's party on Saturday, and it was fantastic!

When all the guests arrived, we changed Cooper into this giant Big Brother t-shirt, and everyone just assumed that he was wearing a hand-me-down.  Ben and I had no plans other than trot the baby out in his shirt, so we just sort of stood there stupidly.  Oops.  But everyone was happy for us, and Cooper's thunder was stolen.  Oops again.  Also, get used it.
As a side note, I could only find a 2T big brother shirt at Carter's, and the saleslady was totally judgmental that my 12 month old is becoming a big brother.  Awesome,  Thanks for the family planning advice, lady.  Apparently not that many people are looking for a big brother onesie.  Whatev.

We got out the bonce house for the party, and it was a huge hit.
Obligatory family shot.  Harry is tormenting Jack, natch.
And the cake pictures.  Many of them.

Next-day breakfast.  Oh, Jack.
Cooper loved his birthday presents, and he can totally scale this little Step 2 sports station thing.
My favorite shot of the day-- he knew he was being funny with his little spoon over his face.


  1. Love the cake pictures! WTF on judgmental salespeople in a BABY store? They should be giving you a "bulk buyer VIP" discount.

  2. Tripod6:33 AM

    It was a great party! I really thought Cooper's shirt was either a hand me down or a TV show fan shirt! Happy Birthday Cooper

  3. I am picturing you walking through Carters with lots of Osh Kosh bags in about a year with your two sweet babies and saying "Big mistake. Huge." a la Pretty Woman.

    I can't believe how grown up Cooper has become in the time since we've seen you guys.

    What a nice party for him. I think the sense of family the younger sibs have more than makes up for having their thunder stolen, well, a lot.