Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Oh, you guys!

It is starting to get so, so awkward to get dressed in the morning.

The good news is that I have lost weight, and my old jeans from before Coop finally fit me.  Or they would.  If my stomach hadn't started to get all gross and pudgy.  Not cute and round or anything like that.  Just muffin top-y.

So, I am back in my super frumpy post-Cooper fat jeans that are baggy everywhere but the tummy.  The most depressing part is that I KNOW these same frumpy baggies are going to be tight as hell come next April.

I have an OB appointment this week and am excited because I haven't heard the baby's heart beat yet (2 ultrasounds and no doppler-- weird, huh?).  I am also dreading it, though, because I have stopped dieting and thus stopped weighing myself and am pretty sure I am going to put up a big number this week.

When I got pregnant, I immediately cut out all the liquor and shit food and lost 7 of the remaining 15 pounds I still had hanging onto my thighs and butt and upper arms.  So, I am down 7, but up 8, meaning I am trying to gain NO MORE than 20 pounds this time around and break even.  (Actually, I would come out 2 pounds ahead, since I gained 30 with each of the other boys).

Pregnancy this time around is not a food free-for-all like it has been in the past.  Case in point:  I am eating a bag of carrots right now instead of a carrot cake muffin.  I am also working out religiously 5 days a week and playing outside with the kids for an hour most afternoons-- I will NOT turn into a frumpy Wisconsin mom because I had another baby.  I will not!  As this blog is my witness!

So, yeah.  I don't want to get weighed, and I want to hold off on the maternity clothes for a few more weeks, but that may not be possible with my awkward not-beer gut.

Any tips?  How do I overcome the pregnancy blahs and resist the trap of the 9-month all-you-can-eat buffet?


  1. Tripod2:32 PM

    That's so funny! Just stay healthy like you're doing. Great job

  2. I've always made myself this promise and then made a really bad habit just to get through the first trimester (like breakfast tacos every single day!) and then never give it up. I know you can do it, though. You'll never be frump mom!

  3. I can't ever imagine that you'll be the frumpy Wisconsin mom (awesome visual BTW). You have three kids already, and still manage to look cute and stylish! And I'm super impressed that you're four months along and still in regular pants. I've been in my maternity clothes for long enough already that I'm sick of them. I will say they help emphasize the bump and de-emphasize the squish though (and I had/have a lot of squish).
    Okay, went back and looked at your bump picture. Totally bump-y, and adorable!