Tuesday, October 04, 2011


I have been shopping all day, which was way less fun than it sounds because I was wearing the baby the whole time and had Jack with me part of the time. Also, I am way too fat for all my real clothes, and I am not spending tons of money on fat clothes, so I limited myself to Old Navy and H&M, which are not in the same mall. I went to ON twice and will be back on Thursday when Ben is home and I don;t have to wear the baby. I'll also be returning to H&M to return pretty much everything I bought except for one floral dress and slouchy cardigan, which will be awesome with the boots I got at Old Navy-- I got some flat brown boots for $25, and at that price I don't care if they fall apart after 5 wears. I am also keeping an ON denim pencil skirt. And that's it. I bought and returned (or will return) 3 dresses, 3 camis, a cardigan, 2 skirts, and 2 blouses. Eff.

Can I just tell you that my personal standard of grooming/beauty has taken a nose dive since Cooper was born. My house is still clean, and my kids look great, but I have been wearing saggy nursing tanks and yoga pants for 3.5 weeks. Sometimes with a faded hoodie or a baggy t-shirt. OMG. I am so over it. I shower at night and slather my stretched out self with Bio Oil. In the morning after I pump and before the big kids need breakfast, I have 7.5 minutes to flat iron my hair, french braid my bangs (oh yes! you read that right! I am growing out my bangs since I already look like shit, and I have been french braiding them into a little bang head band everyday except those days when I jam them into clips and force them straight back into a messy frizzed out ponytail-- DREAMY), and apply moisturizer, concealer, blush, eye shadow, and mascara. I keep a tinted lip balm in my diaper bag, but since I rarely go anywhere besides Harry's school for 30 seconds in the morning and 30 more in the afternoon, I almost never use the lip balm. Shit.

Okay, the baby is swaddled, pacified (neither of my other kids took a pacifier, but this kid does, and it is the best thing EVER), and in his Rock and Play cradle where he is neither rocking nor playing-- he's sleeping! So I need to sleep, too because babies suck at sleeping.

But that's okay because they are adorable!


Jennifer W. said...

Ummm... I'm super impressed with the make up and shower. And really, wearing a shirt in my house has become totally optional. Sadly poor Dana is subjected to all of my new grooming habits. God love her!

And I think the person who came up with "sleep like a baby" is an ignorant jerk.

Gotta go pump... again!


sarah said...

I'm fairly certain you can rock the yoga pants and saggy nursing tanks--you're gorgeous!