Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I am feeling pretty fat and gross these days. I was pretty zen about it at first and had a good time hanging out in my stretchy clothes. Then I tried to find some clothes to wear the my weekly staff meetings for the course I direct. OMG. So many strike outs. Cooper is 6 weeks old on Friday, and I am nowhere near my old jeans. I don't want to buy bigger jeans because I don't want to WEAR bigger jeans. I mean, what if I outgrew them and had to buy bigger bigger jeans? I would hate that. So, I have a couple skirts in acceptable sizes, some yoga pants, sweats, and a couple pairs of jeggings. And everything is tight. Also all of my pants are pilling in the thighs, which is not a good sign but is a sign of frequent rubbing. Ugh. I keep looking back to old blogs to see what I was wearing at this point post partum with the other kids-- lots of stretchy clothes. But I don't remember feeling so gross.

I used all available brain cells doing a work project this week, and I have to drag the baby to my office to collect 2 crucial books so I can finish it and get it in the mail and off my kitchen table, erm, desk tomorrow. This book gathering will take hours and make me sweat because of my tiny companion and my supremely shitty parking pass which cost more than a designer tote bag and entitles me to park in a garage with no spots free when I get to campus. Handy.

I am running out of things to whine about, so let's talk baby sleep. Cooper has no predictable nap pattern even though I have been tracking his sleep for a week with a cool phone app to see if a schedule is emerging. It's not. He also eats every 1-1.5 hours all day, with an unpredictable 2+ hour nap thrown in there somewhere, meaning I can never use it to my advantage because I don't know when it will happen. But all of this is fine because he has a BEDTIME! And he sleeps between 6 and 9 hours in a row at night. One feeding (sometimes none!)! BUT, it is so hard to get him to go back to sleep after that feeding. Last night, he slept from 8:50 to 3:30. Awesome! But he didn't go back down until 5. Not awesome!

Look how awake he is in the wee hours:
I have tried putting him down at 7 when the big boys start their routine, but for some reason, that makes him wake up every 3 hours all night long. So, he reads to Harry with me and cat naps in his bouncer while I shower. Around 8:30, I put him in one of those silly sleepers that are like giant shirts and swaddle him in a Miracle Blanket. He eats, rocks in his cradle, and between 9 and 9:30 conks out, meaning I am free! Ben and I are almost caught up with our DVR. Of course I am sure the 6-week growth spurt will totally knock that routine on its ass. Soon.

Speaking of Ben! He went on a field trip with Jack's class yesterday and got some cute pics:


  1. there is nothing worse for the post baby self esteem then feeling pretty good about yourself and then trying to put on some of your "real" clothes. Reality check let down!

    but for what it's worth, here is my advice - go ahead and get a bigger pair of jeans because I guarantee you are more likely to outgrow your current clothes if all you do is wear stretchy pants. Wearing jeans, even bigger jeans, is better for measuring any weight attempting to creep on to your backside and will make it easier to prevent. All I ever did was wear stretchy clothes (because I didn't want to buy a bigger size) and I ended up with 30 (non baby related) pounds to lose!

  2. Kate's is good advice. No better way to lose the baby weight than to plunk down thirty bucks for a pair of jeans at Old Navy. I finally gave in and bought some because I was miserable wearing maternity pants still at two months old and they got to big within approximately eighteen hours. True story.

    It'll get better one day! This part is such a pain though.

  3. Tripod9:05 AM

    I vote for buy the jeans. But you know it takes almost a year to put it on and about 6-9 months for it to go away. Usually by 9 months, I was down to pre-preg. (give or take 2-3 pounds.) It's just 6 weeks tomorrow! Give yourself a break!

  4. I bought one extra pair of jeans 1 size larger than my pre-pregnancy size. It wasn't worth trying to figure out what else to wear until my stomach is somewhat back to normal. Don't go buy a whole wardrobe in a larger size, but 1-2 pair of "utilitarian outside the house" pants would hold you over.

    I hate how my stomach looks right now. Add to that another increase is chest size, and I understand the frustrations. But, I know both of us are motivated to eventually get back to "normal" sizes. We can do it!